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Starting in March, 2003, a phenomena previously unseen began occurring, registering beautifully on the live seismographs the USGS maintains.
They registered in

4 sites in Antarctica,
6 in South America,
Galapagos Islands,
Puerto Rico,
13 sites in the continental US
2 sites in Hawaii,
2 island sites in the North Pacific,
6 sites in Russia
9 sites in China,
the Philippines,
New Guinea,
3 sites in Australia
New Zealand,
6 island sites in the South Pacific,
3 sites in Africa,
the Ukraine,
2 sites in Norway,
Greenland, and
1 island site in the North Atlantic,
This was global.

This shuddering first occurred in March, 2003, then 3 weeks later in April, then again in May, and soon formed regular patterns.
The global shuddering appears to occur at 12:00 UTC, when Greenwich was facing the Sun at their noon, and at 0:00 UTC when Greenwich was in opposition, on the dark side of the globe at midnight.
I dubbed these the Face and Dark positions of the Atlantic Rift, the highly magnetized stripe of hardened magma running down the center of the Atlantic.

The classic signature on a seismograph, indicating a quake, would occur simultaneously on ALL the charts.
Not all sites registered a quake, although during these global shudderings, a large quake somewhere in the world often occurred.
On the May 26, 2003 global, there were, for instance, a cluster of 15 quakes during one 21 minute period from 5.1 to 6.8 in the Pacific and Atlantic, the Ukraine, Borneo, and the Philippines.
This occurred at 23:35 UTC, considered the Dark as it was minutes from 0:00 UTC.
A cluster of 16 quakes during one 16 minute period from 5.2 to 7.3 in Russia, China, India, the Philippines, and Indonesia.
This occurred at 19:38 UTC, considered the Dusk, as it was close to 18:00 UTC when the Atlantic Rift disappears over the horizon at dusk.
A cluster of 22 quakes during one 2 minute period from 5.4 to 7.1 in China, Japan, and the North Pacific.
This occurred at 9:25 UTC, not exactly at the Dawn point of 6:00 UTC, but as the southern part of the Atlantic Rift curves eastward, it would be Dawn for that part portion of the rift.

Clearly, these were connected, but by what?
The Zetas explain.

ZetaTalk: Surging Magma, written May 30, 2003
Leading into [the pole shift], the Earth comes increasingly into the grip, magnetic primarily, of the approaching Planet X, riding up from 32 degrees below the Ecliptic at a sharp angle so as to pierce the Ecliptic quickly and thus avoid the backwash of particle flows that the Ecliptic represents. Where it's approach from afar resulted in a lineal increase in earthquake frequency and strength, and a lineal increase in erratic weather, and a lineal increased in polar and glacier melt, at the point where it is rising from the 32 degree angle and floating to the Point of Passage there are dramatic and rapidly changes. These are best understood if both the Earth and Planet X are viewed as the large magnets they are. Both are aligned with the Sun. Where planets with strong magnetic fields, such as the Earth and Mercury, are far enough distant from one another to simply line up with the Sun's orientation, they do so.

The Earth and Planet X are both aligned with the sun, but not positioned side to side, and not positioned exactly end to end, as Planet X has assumed a retrograde orbit, and thus is moving diagonally toward Earth from below and to the side. What is that doing to the Earth? At first, magnetic diffusion increases, where swirling about of magnetized magma causes local and temporary magnetic orientation variance. Thus, for many decades as Planet X began it's approach and increasingly as it zoomed into the solar system, magnetic diffusion was increasing. Then the crust itself begins to participate as the highly magnetized Atlantic Rift is under pressure to remain aligned with Planet X, and not create a greater distance by going round the bend at dusk or staying at a distance at dawn. Thus, we saw the dramatic double Global Quakes occurring on May 26 at the dawn and dusk points.

With both the core and crust resisting this alignment and any weak points in the crust having adjusted on May 26 this pattern did not repeat on May 27. Where the crust resists, having many alignment responsibilities outside of the magnetic, and the core resists, having established rotation for many reasons and wanting to continue apace, the liquid magma has more freedom. Thus, by May 29 a distinct surging of parts of this liquid magma from one pole to the other was evident, the plates at the poles being rocked like rafts on the ocean. During this surging, the Atlantic Rift, as a highly magnetized part of the crust and in close proximity to the liquid magma, being a deep rift, is collecting magnetized magma which clings to it. This creates, with every passing hour, a stronger magnet at the Atlantic Rift.

A second pattern that emerged was what I dubbed the wobbles, where rather than the sharp spiking back and forth, the classic seismograph pattern of an earthquake happening, the pen would trace slower waves, up and down.
Often these wobbles or bobbles would run for a 12 hour period between the Face and Dark, or between the Dark and Face, indicating a period during which the plate was riding surging magma.
Quakes did not emerge during the wobbles, but the clear timing of when a part of the globe was rising and falling on magma, like a ship on a bobbling sea, fit with the Face/Dark pattern of global shuddering.
All very logical.

The wobbles also seemed to indicate stress points, where a fault was pulling apart, or a plate trying to turn.
Often quakes would emerge later at those stress points, and the wobble would go away.

Coverup Excuses

On May 27, 2003 the USGS was asked to address these global quakes, the global shuddering.
Their answer on June 9, 2003 was evasive, to say the least.
Matt reports:

Below is a copy of a correspondence between myself and USGS regarding a question I raised a couple of weeks ago on the frequent worldwide tremor registering simultaneously on seismograms worldwide, as observed on USGS website :
Maybe I am missing something on the detailed response I received.

Query May 27, 2003
Frequently, just like it happened this morning, the seismograms all over the world show frantic activity. What is the reason for that, occasional calibration? Also realized that your data seems not quite up to date, let's say comparing that with Red Puma Global Swiss :
Appreciate your insights on these two important points. Thank you.

Response June 9, 2003
Activity on instruments in a large part of the world often means a large storm is occurring which causes noise on the instruments. I'm not sure what two data sets you're looking at for comparison. You mention one URL, but not another, so I can't answer that question.
Lisa Wald
USGS Earthquake Hazards Program
Golden, CO

Noise on the instruments, due to a local storm? These were GLOBAL shuddering, on EVERY seismograph!
By July 8, 2003, a second pass at an explanation by the USGS emerged.

On 6/16/03 9:12 PM:

> How come the quakes that are registering on the live siesmograph page like
> Florida are not on the list?

From: Lisa Wald
Sent: Tuesday, July 01, 2003 8:50 AM
Subject: Re: Siesmo Info


Without having seen the seismograms that you were looking at, I can only guess that perhaps the signals that you thought were earthquakes were really some other type of "noise" such as a local source (trucks, train, animal, etc) or from communication disturbances (static). A seismic signal has to be recorded on a certain minimum number of seismic stations to be declared a possible earthquake by the automatic system. If it is declared a possible earthquake, then it is further evaluated to make sure it is not regional noise, or a quarry blast, sonic boom, or some other type of source. If it is really an earthquake, it is then located and recorded in the archive. Hope this helps.
Lisa Wald
USGS Earthquake Hazards Program
Golden, CO

So now we have elephants rumbling past the live seismographs, simultaneously, around the world!
Long story short, the USGS has never address these global shudderings, happening so regularly at the Face and Dark points.
And this lack of an explanation alone points to the cover-up of Planet X.
Not global warming.
Not emissions from the Sun, or sun spot activity.
If you can't say anthing reasonable, say nothing at all!

Under reporting of quakes and Richter size were noted by many.

I have been scoping the European Seismic Center realtime seismic page for several months. Generally, the bigger a quake, the more readings are shown for that quake (obviously more seismographs register it). I sort of got used to the pattern of Richter size versus number of reports per quake. Then, about a week ago [July 4, 2003], I noticed that the ratio had changed. For example, today (July 10, 2003), two quakes in Iran reported at only a maximum of about 6.1. But the number of readings (over 12) previously only corresponded to quakes over size 7.0. The pattern seems to run across the board with quakes being downgraded by 1.0 on the Richter (which is 10 times smaller since the Richter is logarithmic). This evidence may seem anecdotal to some but it is totally convincing to me. In fact, when I first heard about quakes being downgraded, I thought it was a lame way to try to explain the recent lack of big quakes. Now, I'm not so sure.

Per the Zetas, this was to reduce the possibility of panic, the big fear of the establishment.

ZetaTalk: Supressing the Word, written July 15, 1995
Why do your scientists buy into denying rather than trumpeting the truth? They fear for their jobs, their safety, and the safety of their families. In other words, they are being threatened by the establishment to avoid this subject like the plague. Don't yell fire on a crowded planet. Don't tell people about something they can't do anything about. Don't cause panic. The establishment knows it is there but fears the chaos that will erupt if the populace knows. Those in the establishment who are knowledgeable are personally planning escape routes and safe places, and will disappear when the time comes. Those who are knowledgeable and are concerned about getting the word out are brutally repressed.

It is precisely this reaction of the establishment that has caused us to be so very noisy about the pole shift. At least people should be informed. Then, at least, they can make up their own minds if they wish to deny or believe, to ignore or take steps, to prepare or just party the time away. Folks should be given the option, in our opinion. Climactic changes - the heating up of the core of the Earth causing increased earthquakes, torrential monsoons and droughts, and volcanic activity - will have many wondering.

Atlantic Rift

The Zetas explained that the Atlantic Rift was increasingly becoming a Third Magnet on the surface of the globe.
The Earth's magnetic field being one such magnet, the magnetic field of Planet X being another, and the length of the Atlantic Rift a third.

ZetaTalk: 3rd Magnet, written on June 8, 2003
What stress does the Earth experience when rotation slows and stops? We have mentioned that the core wants to continue to turn, the crust, which has been grabbed by the near presence of Planet X at the Atlantic Rift point, resists, and that this conflict causes the Earth to moan. Normally, the magnetic field is a particle flow emerging from the N. Pole and circling round to the S. Pole. The presence of Planet X blocks this flow on that side of the Earth, such that the particles shift to flow more strongly on the Far Side, away from Planet X. When Planet X is close enough to cause agitation and spilling over of the ionized particles that normally group at the poles or around the highly magnetized core of the Earth, these particles flow along under the crust of the Earth until they find themselves captured at the Atlantic Rift.

This creates a conflict within the Earth's magnetic field, as it now has yet another magnet to deal with.
1. the Earth itself
2. Planet X which is aligned with the Earth but moving gradually past the Earth as it approaches passage
3. the Atlantic Rift, aligned loosely with the Earth, but due to the bulge of the Equator, not strictly aligned.

The distress a highly magnetized Atlantic Rift has on the surging magma is to create an irregular outgo at the N. Pole, where the particles flowing through the core are going straight up and out, but the particles that flowed along the Atlantic Rift are emerging at an angle. Thus, the point where this angular outflow emergence occurs is agitated, due to ionized particles under the crust surface in rapid motion. This is an indication that the Atlantic Rift has become magnetized, has gathered the ionized particles that escaped from their normal domain near the poles or surrounding the core.

The distressed and surging magma of the Earth was due to the Earth not being able to act as magnets do, lining up either end to end or aligning side by side.
Held in place by in its orbit by the thousands of factors that nudge the planets into their orbits and hold them there,
the Earth could only adjust to the magnetic influence of Planet X.
The Earth normally aligns side by side with the Sun, the dominant magnet in the solar system.
Planet X was to the side of the Sun, rounding the S Pole of the Sun, coming at an angle toward the Earth.
Thus, the Earth was torn in two directions, not able to align completely in either manner that magnets desire to do, end to end or side by side.

ZetaTalk: S. Pole Tug, written June 11, 2003
If Planet X, known to be rising rapidly toward the Ecliptic at this time, has essentially reached the Ecliptic, what effect would it have, as the giant magnet it is, on the hapless Earth? It is now in a position to cause distress on the S. Pole which wants to align with the N. Pole of Planet X. Since the magnetic alignment of both the Earth and Planet X are the same, as is Mercury, why would Planet X be causing this distress when close to the Ecliptic, where Mercury does not? Planet X is a larger magnet than Mercury, and is swinging closer to Earth than Mercury, but the key difference is the angle of approach.

Magnets can line up side by side if enough distance is allowed between then for a field to develop, such that the particle flow can move out from the N. Pole and around to the S. Pole without impediment. Where this field cannot be established, due to crowding, the flow will move in and out from the dominant magnet in the area, the lesser magnets trying to position themselves [end to end] to facilitate this flow. Where the lesser magnets cannot position themselves [end to end] to facilitate this, due to being held in place for some reason, the magnetic particle flow remains distressed, this distress primarily visited upon the lesser magnet. The Earth as we have mentioned had many allegiance to continue rotation, continue to maintain its present tilt, and the core is still listening primarily to the Sun for its magnetic orientation.

The surging magma resulted in more than global shuddering and 12 hour wobbles, with simultaneous quakes,
it also resulted in simultaneous volcanic activity.

July 27 was significant as a day when Global Quakes resulted and quakes of 7+ Richter in both Japan and Russia.

Sunday 27th July 2003

Mexico's Popocatepetl volcano shot glowing rock and ash high into the air, triggering a thunderous explosion that panicked some residents in nearby communities. [Note that Popcatepetl was on the opposite side of the Pacific Rim on July 27, when 7+ quakes in Japan or Russia that occurred, but Russian volcanoes erupted in step with the 7+ quake there.]

July 27, 2003, Strong Quake Jolts the Coast of Japan
A strong earthquake with a preliminary magnitude of 7.1 shook northern Japan on Sunday, but there were no immediate reports of damage or injuries. ... The agency said the latest quake was unrelated to Saturday´s three major quakes that hit another northern state, Miyagi, leaving at least 420 people injured and hundreds of homes damage.

Sunday 27th July 2003
Bezymyanny volcano in Kamchatka (Russia´s Far East) has woken up with a large eruption. Bezymyanny erupted on Saturday 26th July at 13hrs 20 min, Moscow time.

In fact, Yellowstone began showing a 12 hour wobble, on the seismographs dedicated to watching the caldera's activity.
On Sep 15, 2003, the Denny Creek and Old Faithful seismographs in Wyoming, were regularly registering extreme jitters just after 2:30 in the afternoon.
A time when the southern part of the Atlantic Rift was coming into opposition on the dark side of the globe.
And Cottonwood Point and Ebenezer, TN and Dell, AR, all along the New Madrid, showed this same 12 hours of stress, but at approximately 6:00 PM, appropriately about 3 hours ahead of Yellowstone, which is 3 time zones ahead of Pacific Time!
This is NOT just Yellowstone, affecting the New Madrid, but stress on the North America plate caused by a pileup of plates as the Atlantic Rift is held back, gripped by Planet X and held in place, on the Dark side of the globe.

On Sep 26, 2003 a global quake so strong it turned all the live seismographs black occurred, accompanied by a Richter 8 and 7+ in Japan.
Then on Sep 28, 2003, Siberia experienced an 8.5, on the border Mongolia and Kazakhstan, and according to the Russian Emergencies Ministry, the echo of the underground shocks was felt in the majority of Siberia´s big cities.
Clearly, if the USGS was going to continue to stonewall, these seismographs needed to be adjusted, to be less sensitive.
And on occasion, they went down for days, and when they came back up they were indeed, less sensitive, and it took more to turn them all black.

Sweeping Arms

Why are the globals occuring on one day, or during a series of days, and not others?
Per the Zetas, where Planet X is gripping the Atlantic Rift twice a day, at the Face and Dark, this grip is exacerbated by sweeping arms emanating from the Sun.
The arms are particle flow bursts that reach out into the solar system from the Sun, like arms, and rotate with the Sun as it rotates.
These arms are what keep the planets moving in their orbits, all in the same direction, counterclockwise.

ZetaTalk: Retrograde Orbit, written Jan 15, 1997
This energy field radiates out from the Sun intensely at certain points, like a moving arm, following the rotation of the Sun's core where the matter producing this energy field is located. The planets are in essence swept along before this intense energy field, like dust balls in front of a broom.

Since Planet X is in a retrograde orbit and rotation, going clockwise, compared to the Earth's orbit and rotation, going counterclockwise, they clash.
When a sweep occurs, pushing Earth into the arms of Planet X, this clash is heightened.

Notably, an Aug 8, 2003 crop circle appeared, in Southfield in the UK, depicting this in undeniable terms.
At center, a circle, clearly the Sun, with 8 curving arms.
This was enclosed in a square, depicting the 4 seasons of Earth, each season with 5 circles embedded in it, with each such circle showing a 23 degree tilt, depicting the Earth tilt.
Based on this crop circle, it was computed that there should be a clash caused by a sweeping arm every 6.5 weeks,
and sure enough, this pattern emerged!

When the Earth encountered Planet X in her path on Dec 25, 2003, and stopped in her orbit, This allowed the dark twin sharing her orbit but normally on the exact opposite side of the orbit to catch up!
Thus, behind the Earth and held at bay by the repulsion force that keeps large bodies such as planets and moons from colliding with each other, it created a complicated clash when the sweeping arms went by.

ZetaTalk: Whiplash, written Apr 14, 2004
What is the effect on the Earth, currently swept into the arms of Planet X periodically by the Sweeping Arms of the Sun, when more planets crowd up to the stop sign, and halt, due to the massive Repulsion Force issues presented by Planet X standing before them. Planet X is 23 times as massive, this mass not reflected in the mere diameter of this interloper, which is only 4 times as broad as Venus or Earth or the Earth's Dark Twin, all of which are approximately the same size. The Sweeping Arms normally just propel the planets in the inner solar system to continue their path, counterclockwise around the Sun, a nudge so benign as to go unnoticed by man, who assumes this motion and direction due to other factors. It is only when the sweeps create disaster, at predictable intervals, that man takes notice. The Sweeping Arm effect only became noticeable in the Summer of 2003, when the Earth began rounding the backside of the Sun and moving toward Planet X, which was inbound from the outer solar system regions toward the orbit of Earth where it encountered the Earth on Dec 25, 2003.

The Sweeps then had a different pace, as rebounding away from Planet X or standing still or backing up under pressure, the Earth encounters the sweeps more often as it is not running ahead of them as a normal orbit would allow. Presently, the sweeps have the characteristic of pushing the Earth into the arms of Planet X, which it is avoiding due to Repulsion Force issues, thus creating phenomena man has come to associate with the sweeps such as strong Global Quakes, electromagnetic surges creating power outages and magnetic flux, and more falling bridges, separating rails derailing trains, collapsing buildings, water line breaks, and gas line or fixture explosions. Hopping Planet X toward the Earth a few days later as its reaction in its Retrograde Orbit to a sweep is to hop over, rather than sweep before, the Sweeping Arms. This causes a second round of quakes and phenomena associated with sweeps. Now approaches the Dark Twin, apace, closing the gap and just months behind the Earth in their shared orbit. What will occur when this Dark Twin, the equal of Earth in size, is close? It will surely stall in its orbit, but more will occur. The sweeps will now have a ricochet effect on the Earth.

1. the Dark Twin will first encounter the Sweeping Arm, and will smash into Earth with the gravity Repulsion Force effect, not only creating a bump but pushing the Earth prematurely into the arms of Planet X. Disaster Scenario ONE.
2. the Earth will then encounter the Sweeping Arm as noted above, and be sweep into the Arms of Planet X, bringing Disaster Scenario TWO.
3. Planet X will then hop the sweep, smashing it into the Earth as noted above bringing Disaster Scenario THREE.
4. where the Earth has been reacting to this hop by backing up, it can no longer do this without another crunch from the back due to its Dark Twin behind it, creating Disaster Scenario FOUR.

Sure enough, the pattern of global quakes emerged with approximately 2 days between the bump bump bump bump described by the Zetas.

For instance, ONE on July 15, 2004, accompanied by quakes over Richter 5+ in Vancouver, Canada, Oregon, Uzbekistan, Afghanistan, Pakistan, China, and a 7.1 in Fiji.
Then a TWO at the Dark on July 17, a THREE at the Face on July 19, and a FOUR with multiple global quake points on July 21.

And the repercussions of this whiplash on Earth emerged - derailing trains, dropping bridges, exploding gas lines and breaking water mains, often so closely allied with the global quake that there was an undeniable association.

For instance, during the Jul 25-Aug 5 2004 Whiplash, the ONE on July 25, 2004 accompanied by quakes of a 7.2.In India, a 6.4 in Thailand, an 8.1 in the South China Sea, a 7.6 in Indonesia, and an 6.4 in Australia. The
TWO on July 28 accompanied by a Belgium gasline explosion and Illinois heaving road and a collapsing Pennsylvania quarry, the THREE on Aug 2, the FOUR on Aug 4-5 followed by strong 12 Hour Wobble.

This pattern has continued into 2005 and the present.
For instance, a ONE on June 10, 2005 preceeded by 12 hour wobbles particularly in the Wake and Midway islands in the Pacific, the TWO on June 14 accompanied by a 7.9 in Chili at 22:44:33 UTC, just an hour and a quarter until the Dark point of 0:00 UTC, the THREE on June 15 with a 7.4 off the coast of California causing a tsunami warning, and a FOUR on June 17.

Meanwhile volcanic activity, the number of volcanoes active at any given time, has increased dramatically.
As of March 17, 1998 Volcano World listed 53 active volcanoes as of the last 6 years.
As of Jan 18, 2006 there were 82 active volcanoes listed on that site as of the last 6 years.
An increase of 55% in 8 years.

As I prepare the script for this hour on global quakes, there is an announcement on TV that Indonesia has had a 7.7.
I had just checked the live seismographs earlier in the day, and all was quiet, but now the huge black signature of a strong global quakes is appearing on all seismographs world wide, close to the Dusk point of 18:00 UTC, at approximately 17:00 UTC.
When did the quake occur? 16:58 UTC.
There is a relationship, and it's not because elephants are stampeding past all the live seismographs, world wide.

As the Zetas warned, this type of stress will continue, on the crust, as we march into the pole shift:

ZetaTalk: Swept into Disaster, written Jan 30, 2004
Quakes will increase, disasters related to crust adjustments will increase, as though from a cry to a scream. Take the effect of exploding gas lines and refineries, ruptured water mains and dams, collapsing buildings and industrial accidents, derailing trains and capsized ferries and ocean going vessels, disconnected or dropping bridges and emerging sinkholes, and multiply them ten-fold.

And did such disasters occur, during the period when global quakes, the simultaneous quake signature, appeared on all live seismographs emerged?
Remember, these first appeared in March, 2003, then a second time in April, then again in May, 2003, thence regularly thereafter.
Here's what was recorded for the latter half of 2003.

Power Outage
Aug 14 massive power outage swept across swaths of the eastern United States and Canada
Aug 28 power outage during the evening rush hour creating havoc for around 1 million commuters
Sep 1 A power outage blacked out parts of peninsular Malaysia
Sep 2 A power outage left at least 3 million Mexicans in the southern Yucatan peninsular without electricity
Sep 2 Finland, Russia, and overnight power blackout in Sydney´s business district.
Sep 5 Thousands of homes were plunged into darkness after a power cut in north London.
Sep 23 A power outage struck the capital of Denmark and southern Sweden, leaving 4 million people without electricity.
Sep 28 much of Italy is without power after a blackout swept the country
Oct 6 major power failure blacks out Czech Republic.
Oct 30 An underground explosion in Clearwater knocks out power for blocks.
Nov 3 Edmonton residents, 2,000 homes, plunged into darkness, problem with a buried power cable
Nov 7 most of Chile lost power in a major blackout

Gas, Water Line Break
July 15 a gas explosion occured today at the AirGas company in Sacramento.
Aug 14 explosion rocked the Marathon Oil refinery, Michigan
Sep 13 south London are without water for a third day after a mains pipe burst.
Sep 27 St. Louis gas explosion, high pressure pipeline emptied itself of 3 miles of propane.
Oct 7 gas main near George Washington University Hospital ruptured, flames were shooting several feet into the air.
Oct 12 several water mains in the Linden, NJ area broke, 11 separate breaks occurred
Oct 16 water main break flooded streets in northern Manhattan, rose halfway up the windshields of parked cars.
Oct 23 a water main break flooding portions of Boston's South End has forced the closure of several roads.
Oct 28 gas line broken in Ft. Worth, fire at Harris Hospital.
Nov 18 a 30 inch water main exploded in Overland Park, Kansas.
Nov 29 Detroil gas line exploded, leveled the building,
Nov 30 water main break in Chicago, 80 cars submerged past the hoods,
Dec 1 gasline breaks twice, 12 hours apart, in NW Alberta, fireball 300 ft high.
Dec 25 monstrous China gas field explosions, dead zone around perimeter

Moaning or Trembling Earth
June 17 in Japan now, at 3:50 AM, it is like a moan or a groan, a very low sound.
July 12 in Missouri about 11:30, I noticed the couch was vibrating slightly, the candle flame slightly shaking.
Aug 18 five times now since March I have been aware of a trembling or vibrating sensation in Tennessee
Sep 22 Scottsdale, AZ the earth tremblings were so acute that I got out of bed and packed an emergency kit
Sep 26 for the last 24 hours here in the UK there has been a strange rhythmic tremour.
Oct 12 bumping subterranean sounds heard by many, Seattle drums.
Oct 12 heard the drums in Michigan, just west of Duluth MN too.
Nov 7 windows shake and the ground moved, there was no earthquake activity in the Danville, IN area.
Nov 23 Nevada 4.5 with rumbling and hollow booming heard frequently.

Collapsing Structures
May 28-29 4 dams break in two days in North Carolina
July 19 roof of a row of terraced shops and a restaurant collapsed on a busy London shopping street.
Oct 18 Tube derailed by broken track, second derailment on the London Underground (LU) in a year.
Oct 30 parking garage collapses in Atlantic City
Nov 14 buildings evacuated in Delaware after crack discovered in building
Nov 29 Detroit gas line explosion, totalling restaurant.
Nov 29 fiber optic cable that runs under the Atlantic Ocean and North Sea led to the failure of other Internet
Nov 30 Water main break Lincoln Park, Chicago, submerging cars.
Dec 3 Edmonton, Alberta gas line rupture in two places, main distribution line, flame plume
Dec 8 Toronto theatre collapses, death and injuries.
Dec 23 Bolivia span bridge 350' across, reinformed concrete, collapses.
Dec 29 Norway tunnel break, under Oslo Fjord, solid rock.
Dec 27 Halifax, Canada water main break, throwing rocks, breaking windows, cause unknown.
Dec 29 fire destroys factory in Clevand, Ohio, magnesium fueled, out of control.
Dec 18 Internet Telecom line in South China Sea torn by earthquakes, laid in 1997, new.

Erratic Tides
August 7 Atlantic's sudden temperature dive a midsummer mystery for scientists
Sep 30 Jacksonville, FL at low tide there is still 2 to 3 ft. of water in the marsh, always has drained.
Nov 25 East Coast high tides have been getting alarmingly high. 20 to 50 foot waves in Hawaii, unheard of before
Dec 14 Louisiana flooding and not draining, flood gates remain closed, rising seas.
Dec 11 Norway storm with high waves forces ferries to close, worst every per old timers.

Now this was just in 2003. May seem like a lot, and perhaps we don't have that same drum beat going on today, but weak points break when the stress starts.
2003 was the first time we were beginning to have this jerking around on the Atlantic Rift, which creates a plate pile up behind the Atlantic Rift and stretching in front of the Atlantic Rift.
Then if the Atlantic Rift is pulled forward on another part of the rotation, it creates a stretching to the West of the Atlantic Rift, and a pileup to the East of the Atlantic Rift.
So its kind of being jerked around.

Stop Rotation

The periodic global shuddering, caused by the grip of Planet X on the highly magnetized hardened lava at the bottom of the Atlantic Rift, is a predecessor to the rotation stoppage that occurs the week of the pole shift.

ZetaTalk: Stop Rotation, written July 15, 1995
As the giant comet approaches, the Earth becomes what might be described as confused. There are conflicting pulls, gravitational as well as magnetic. The Earth is normally magnetically aligned, along with the other planets in the Solar System, according to an axis that exists in your part of the galaxy. Now comes the giant comet, from a distance, swinging through your Solar System, and picking up speed as it approaches. It outweighs the Earth by some 23 times, but by size is not 23 times as large as its weight is due to its makeup, having less silicon than the Earth, for instance. Should one line these planets up side by side, the Earth would look to [Planet X] as the Moon does to the Earth. Where the gravitational pull on the surface of [Planet X] is better than half again as much as on the surface of the Earth,
accounting for the stocky appearance of the large hominoids who live there, in the tug of war regarding magnetic alignment [Planet X]'s mass gives it a 4-to-1 advantage. There is no contest.

At first, your planet Earth reacts by additional swirling about in matter deep within its core. In the final days, as the giant comet begins passing between the Earth and its Sun, total interference occurs. The Earth slows in its rotation, and actually stops. The Earth's rotation is due to the balanced gravitational pull of the neighborhood, and [Planet X] is a very big bully. The part of the Earth facing this bully is loath to leave, essentially, and this causes the rotation to gradually stop. This is recorded in written history and spoken folklore, worldwide, as a long day or night. The period of time, due to the lack of mechanical clocks, was not measurable, but the humans who experienced this described this as anywhere from a few hours to several days. The latter is more correct. Rotation also stops because the magnetic influence of the giant comet, which is aligned according to the larger Universe where it spends most of its cycle, has essentially gripped the Earth. The Earth has not yet joined the alignment of the giant comet, but what was occurring before, the steady, slow roll, has by now stopped.

Planet X grips the Earth, causing rotation stoppage, well before being between the Earth and Sun. It does so because it is approaching from the south, it's north pole to the Earth's south pole, at an angle such that the side of the Earth facing the Sun is more affected by the approach. Thus, while at some distance from the point of passage, it has gripped Earth to the point of not letting the highly magnetized Atlantic Rift go. During this week, the size of the approaching Planet X horrifies those on the daylight side of the Earth. At first a reddish blob only a fraction of the size of the Moon, it grows in size and appears to twist and turn like a dragon in the sky. The ancients recorded this as a fire dragon in the sky, as the tail of swirling moons gave this appearance.

Rotation stoppage causes a long day or long night, which lasts for the better part of a week, 5.9 day, per the Zetas.
This is recorded in folklore, by cultures around the world.
Rotation stoppage is caused because the Third Magnet, the Atlantic Rift, is gripped by Planet X and HELD in alignment, not allowed to swing to the side around the curve of the Earth to a Dusk position, where it would appear as a bow on the surface of the Earth rather than in a straight up and down alignment these side by side Planet X as the bully magnet is demanding.

ZetaTalk: Long Day/Night, written Feb 15, 2002.
The dynamics in place as [Planet X] approaches during the last few days before the pole shift are such that rotation stops with a predictable part of the Earth facing the approaching [Planet X] - the mid-Atlantic Ocean off the eastern seaboard of the United States. This part of the globe is centered between land masses that are fairly neutral in magnetic polarization, but lines up over former lava flows from the renting apart of the continents, the mid-Atlantic rift. The Pacific trench does not carry the same appeal, as it lies deeper under the water and its characteristics differ in composition from the newer magma that has arisen during continental drift. Magma bubbling up in the Pacific is more diffuse than the magma bubbling up in the Atlantic, centered in the rift.

Thus, the Atlantic lava beds are gripped, facing the Sun, facing the approaching [Planet X] coming up from the South along the rift, and causing both Europe, the Americas, and Africa to be on the long day side of the Earth. Rotation stops with the Atlantic Rift facing the approaching planet, which is coming nearly from under the Sun, but not directly under, so Africa and Europe are turned a bit more toward the Sun than the North American continent. Therefore, the Long Day described by Joshua and the long night described by the West Coast indians. There will be no change, except that the heating and cooling that occur during rotation stop, except as the atmosphere and oceans distribute heat. Man will not roast or freeze, during rotation stoppage, as the atmosphere and oceans continue to circulate and thus spread about heating and cooling.

This rotation stoppage is recorded in folklore, worldwide.

Worlds in Collision, Velikovsky
A story is told about Joshua ben Num who, when pursuing the Canaanite kings at Beth-horon, implored the sun and the moon to stand still. Joshua (10:12-13): 'And the sun stood still, and the moon stayed, until the people had avenged themselves upon their enemies. Is it not written in the book of Jasher? So the sun stood still in the midst of heaven, and hasted not to go down about a whole day.' The Book of Joshua, compiled from the more ancient Book of Jasher, states that the sun stood still over Gibeon and the moon over the valley of Ajalon. This description of the position of the luminaries implies that the sun was in the forenoon position. The Book of Joshua says that the luminaries stood in the midst of the sky. Allowing for the difference in longitude, it must have been early morning or night in the Western Hemisphere.

We go to the shelf where stand books with the historical traditions of the aborigines of Central America. The sailors of Columbus and Cortes, arriving in America, found there literate peoples who had books of their own. In the Mexican Annals of Cuauhtitlan, written in Nahua-Indian, it is related that during a cosmic catastrophe that occurred in the remote past, the night did not end for a long time. Sahagun, the Spanish savant who came to America a generation after Columbus and gathered the traditions of the aborigines, wrote that at the time of one cosmic catastrophe the sun rose only a little way over the horizon and remained there without moving. The moon also stood still. The biblical stories were not known to the aborigines. Also, the tradition preserved by Sahagun bears no trace of having been introduced by the missionaries.

So folks, this lies in our future.
And the global quakes are a predecessor, and proof, that the Atlantic Rift is the factor that causes rotation stoppage.

Global Quakes and the 12 hour wobbles that precede or follow them are something that need to be seen, for full impact.
The USGS does not provide an archive of the live seismograph data, but one can capture this from their website when it presents, and I have done that during 2003 to mid 2005.
This data, along with correlating volcanic and quake activity, or correlating Earth changes disasters such as derailing trains and exploding gas lines or water mains, can be found in the Global or Sweeps sections.
Do visit these ZetaTalk website sections, located from the menu at left on the ZetaTalk home page, to see these dramatic signatures for yourself.
And as you view them, remember, there is NO other explanation for what presents, the periodic patterns, the Face and Dark timing, but the present of Planet X.
This is why the USGS won't address these signatures, as they HAVE no explanation, and frankly hope if they pretend it does not exist, you won't notice!