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Quake Coverup
Aug 27, 2004

Here goes a nice sized earthquake.

2004/08/27 00:45:53.0 32.7S 71.1W Mw7.8 A ELRO NEAR COAST OF CENTRAL CHILE

Now mind you this came from USGS alert. The USGS doesnt always like their findings says they are automated and sometimes pick up "false readings". Thats a pretty big false reading.

Indeed, the USGS did not like those readings, and suppressed posting automated seismograph readings until Monday, after a weekend, so they can be sure the public hears what they want them to hear. However, the big global on Aug 28 primarily hit S. America. The official record now only reads:

2004/08/27 00:43:53.6 27.7S 71.4W 33 Ms5.6 M GSRC NEAR COAST OF NORTHERN CHILE
2004/08/27 00:43:51.9 27.5S 70.9W 11 M 6.0 M NEIR NEAR COAST OF NORTHERN CHILE
2004/08/27 00:43:48.3 27.5S 70.7W 2 mb5.9 A MIX NEAR COAST OF NORTHERN CHILE