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ZetaTalk: Evolution Impact
Note: written during the Jan 25, 2003 Live ZetaTalk IRC Session.

It has been much discussed, in the aliens-are-evil dialog, that we, the Zetas, lack emotions. This is stated along with supposed reports on aliens eating human body parts, or planning mass landings and a takeover of the planet, or implanting for control purposes to create drones, or whatever. There are differences between ourselves and humans, much discussed in the Hybrid section of ZetaTalk, where we detail this aspect of emotions and sexuality as well as physiological differences such as lungs and digestive tracts. Do we have emotions? Yes. Do we have sexual feelings? Yes. Are these greater than human emotions and sex drives? No. Why the difference? We evolved on different worlds, under different stresses and selective determinants.

The Earth, as we have stated, is a particularly violent world, large carnivors on every continent, so that many can scarcely be free of this worry, day or night. Big cats, wolf packs, immense bears, sharks, and thus to survive, the quick reaction to attack or danger was emotion. What do you suppose fear, or anger, is? Does an evolving creature need this, per se? It is to incite action, and the stronger the emotion, the faster the action! Likewise, a mother's concern for her baby, a dominant males concern for protecting and retaining his harem, are survival related emotions. The passive human got eaten, the human with strong emotions survived and passed on their genes. A strong sex drive is likewise selective, as those males with a strong drive would fight for their harem, where those with a weak drive would turn their backs and let the harem get eaten! A sex drive in the female is also survival selective, as the horny female will stick close to the dominant male, get intimate often, and thus enhance the bond and desire on the males part to protect her, as well as keep her close to the protector.

We have stated that on our world, the worlds within Zeta Reticuli which we evolved on, there were no large carnivores. We were transplanted there, as described in the Early Zeta write-up, onto worlds that could do no more than evolve moss and bugs. Thus, our large eyes are for seeing, in very dim light, which is what life on those worlds entailed. Thus, sex was for procreation, and the process of natural selection more related to cunning, being able to figure out how to solve problems, how to create technology or extend a food supply, than brute force or rage. Likewise, emotion was not only not required, it was a disruptive element. It would never evolve, and if it expressed due to genetic mutation, then this Zeta was less likely to have a harem than another, so was selected out during sexual partnering. Our hybrids, as we have stated, will have the emotional range and sex drive and variation that humans have, not our more limited range. This is because the Earth is our new home, the home of the hybrids, and these characteristics are native to the Earth. In addition, as we have stated, strong emotions are in keeping with 4th Density Service-to-Others cultures, and strong sex drives are likewise a bonding element. Thus, we don't wish not to have these elements in our future lives, we have engineered them into our futures!

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