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ZetaTalk: Special Children
Note: written Oct 15, 1995

Human children have been born with a small percentage of Zeta genetics since the 1950's. In these cases the entity scheduled to incarnate into the infant has given a pre-birth agreement and all caretaker parents are consulted. However, the entity to be incarnated calls the shots in this matter.

While in our hybrid program we are seeking more of a 50/50 blend, with the best of both species preserved, the gradual infusion of Zeta genetics into select human children has been a tiny percentage, 3- 5% during the 1950's through the 1980's, and moving to 10% in the 1990's. The Zeta genetics chosen were for the purpose of research, to determine under full stress conditions how certain genetic engineering approaches would work. Therefore, any two volunteers would not have the same traits. To all intents and purposes the children born prior to the 1990's looked and acted 100% human, slight changes to their digestive, circulatory, or nervous systems not enough for their parents or doctors to even take note of. However, our careful monitoring of these volunteers has given us a wealth of information which can be applied directly to the hybrid program. All future Earth inhabitants have thus benefited, and this point has not been lost on our volunteers.

Starting in the 1990's this program went into the next stage, as the Zeta genetics inserted into the embryo are not primarily for the purpose of research but are to position capable young people where they can assist with the Transformation. These special children are being born all around the world, to parents highly motivated to protect and nurture them. In these situations both parents and in some cases the whole extended family must be firmly in the Service-to-Other orientation and whole- heartedly with the program. Anything less than this is a risk to the child, as these entities do give evidence of their genius level IQ and other differences, which we will not enumerate here, to those close to them.

Intelligence can be hidden, when the child is wise to the dangers about, where other characteristics could give them away, if known. Is the quiet child a genius or failing to understand? Hard to tell. And genius children do not necessarily perform well at school. Einstein, for instance, was thought to be retarded. In fact, he was bored into non-participation, a common reaction of mentally gifted children to the stagnant routine where all must learn at the pace of the slowest student. These children all have heightened telepathic abilities, and thus instinctively know whom they can trust. Their placement throughout the world is such that they could never be located by humans wanting to murder them, to slow the Transformation, or use them for their own ends. In addition, they are under our protection, and by the Rules of Engagement aliens in the Service-to-Self orientation cannot interfere. You may deem this a type of Unlimited Engagement between the entity incarnated and ourselves, life long.

These children are destined to become leaders during the troubled times ahead, and are working for the good of all human survivors of the coming cataclysms. They should be viewed as the missiles of love and assistance that they are, not as freaks.

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