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To make a simple and effective shower, fix a faucet tap into the middle of a piece of pipe about 6" long, fix the pipe with tap to a shower head, weld (or screw) this contraption to the bottom of the bucket. put a rope onto the handle of the bucket so it can be hauled over the branch of a tree or rafter, to the required height to stand under, while still being able to reach the tap. Fill the bucket with warm to hot water, raise it up, don't forget to secure the rope in such a way you don't have to toss it over the branch etc. every time it is lowered for filling. When you use the shower stand underneath in a tub and turn the faucet on just long enough to wet yourself, turn off tap and soap youself, turn on tap to rinse. This saves you having to have someone to pour the water over you, and a two gallon bucket is enough water to give two people a quick shower, or one a luxurious one (hair etc).

One shower per week is sufficient. Water plants with the run off water, and if you have almond oil stored, a rub with a wad wetted with the oil (many other oils could be used as well) between toes, under armpits and on other delicate parts of the anatomy, a couple of times a week will keep your skin healthy and smelling fresh. We use this method when camping, or staying in holiday cabins.

Offered by Jan.