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From Usenet Archives:

Another obvious wipe I use that I haven't seen posted yet is; Spruce boughs. (they rank right up there with Pine cones and corn cobs) Actually this "directional" wipe does work not too bad as you can 2 hand (one in front and one behind) and draw them through, they feel quite soft. Biggest disadvantage is some of the needles fall off into your underwear and you get "needled" periodically through the day. If you want to be enviro (we all do) and if the branches are low enough you can leave them attached to the tree. (Be careful where you collect your needles for your spruce needle tea or you may be in for a nice hot "steamer" cup of tea. Gulp!)
Kelly Harlton
Fir cones are remarkably soft - as long as you wipe with the scales.
Thomas J. Elpel