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Moss Diapers

From Usenet Archives:

Related question: I am told that women can use wads of (washed and dried) sphagnum as a sanitary napkin during their period. Anyone who has actually used this? I sometimes get questions when I teach courses, and being male it is all out of books for me, with no opportunities to experiment.
Par Leijonhufvud
The Indigenous folks in this area used sphagnum to pack baby diapers. It absorbs moisture better than most sponges I've seen.
Mark Zanoni
I have a wolf (coyote?) skin diaper made to use moss as the absorbent. I have pictures of me wearing it. Can I vouch for it's effectiveness or comfort? No way! But I can say that I was cute!
Barent Parslow
Of course, when animal skins were available, especially rabbit, that was certainly used also, maybe even washed and dried for the purpose. I know rabbit fur was used as a sanitary pad for Indian women. (They also used finely tanned buckskin tubes filled with spaghnum moss for this purpose.) I obviously have not tried this.
Andre Bourbeau