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Have you woman already thought about how to solve the problem of not having the products which you do have today? It's not really nice to walk with a rag between your legs filling up with blood, then you need to wash it and use it again, and again, and again until you won't have your periods any longer. That is a long time. I am talking about a problem for which a solution is needed. Tampons won't be laying around unless you have some stocked, but this will deplete in numbers and eventually you will have to resort to another solution when you are having your periods. And it won't be only tampons but every little thing of the throw away consumer products line won't be available in the Aftertime. A rag is not the most humane solution!

Offered by Michel.

The inhabitants of the Biosphere 2 project struggled with the problem of feminine hygiene. Remember, one of the goals if the experiment was to maintain a closed environment for two years, the amount of disposable feminine hygiene products use by the four female biospherians would have generated an un-manageable amount of waste for the tiny ecosystem. The following is a quote from Life Under Glass, the Inside Story of Biosphere 2

We found an Ohio company called The Keeper that produced a plastic cup which catches the menstrual flow and is reusable. All you do is wash it out.

This is just a presentation of material I have come across, not a recommendation. What about using water jets? You're a brave man Michel.

Offered by Steve

There are products on the market that can replace tampons. There are sponges, cups, and washable liners.

Offered by Pat.

This is a gruesome subject but instead of the normal devices for the woman's cycle, how about a rubber cup. Reuseable forever. No waste to fill up the landfills.

Offered by Debra.

I bought mine 10 years ago and it comes in handy instead of having the husband run to the store for supplies. I found out they advertise them On the Internet.

Offered by Karla