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Sea Salt

Does anyone know how to render sea salt to make it edible? I did a search and find no instructions.

Offered by Mary.

I do not know all of it. However, you take sea-water and drain it into a shallow flood plain. You let it evaporate until it becomes thick with salt (high concentration). At this point the water turns pink. You then sift the water with special spade/sieve that lifts out the crystallized salt. You put this into a heap and allow it to dry. Viola, you have sea salt.

Offered by Stephen.

With the absence of sunshine and in the midst of high humidity (slow evaporation), this process could take forever! But my guess is that you'd be able to produce what you needed. Now what happens is you live nowhere near a body of brine?

Offered by Michael.

I do not know about the USA. In Australia, our rugged and dry interior has so many salt pans that we virtually can make salt at any of these pans, even many hundreds of km from the sea.

Offered by Stephen.