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I tried this method personally, and I can say that the result is good for eczema or other skin problems, but I think that it's necessary to drink your own urine. The Iso-urinary Korsakovian Method is a sort of deep decontamination and energy reprogramming. It clears up dead tissue from old diseases and the after-effects of inoculations. It cleans our body of chemical and medicinal poisons. It restarts immune defenses which are weakened. It is a precious help in serious pathologies. Finally, though it is a very distressing way, it stops very efficiently the process of psychosomatic reactions. Our body is our best chemist.

Urine use is one of the oldest health secrets used all over the world in many different eras. In India, this method, named Amaroli, is above all used as a regeneration program. By now, more than 2,000,000 Japanese are drinking a bit of their urine every morning, because of its marvelous effects on serious illness. In fact, urine has all the biochemical, bio-electrical and vibratory information from our bodies - poisons, excessive hormones, and dead tissue from viral and bacteriological fights, regulation of mineral salts and all the result of metabolism. Urine might be said a truly a memory and an exact evaluation of our whole biological history and even a psychological one. A lot of survival stories tell about drinking urine (shipwrecks, soldiers, concentration camps, deserts, natural disasters etc.)



Offered by Gerald.