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Urine Therapy

Excerpts from on behalf of Robert Chatburn

I found some interesting stuff in a book called Let's Play Doctor! by J.D. Wallach, doctor of veterinary medicine and naturopathic doctor (author of the widely distributed tape Dead Doctors Don't Lie).

Perhaps most interesting is Dr. Wallach's recommendation of a drug we all have instantly available - autoimmune urine therapy! I have seen a whole book devoted to this subject advertised in the Loompanics book catalog. According to Wallach:

Urine therapy is a method of improving the patient's immune system by injecting his own urine back into him. The basis of the therapy is exactly the same as the 'modern' allergist uses when he injects allergens into the patient to 'treat' allergies. The technique of urine injection is quite simple and can be performed at home. MD allergists used to use this technique for 50 years until the pharmaceutical companies discovered they make money with prepared allergens.

Urine therapy is performed by centrifuging the patient's urine and then filtering it through a 'millipore' filter to eliminate the cells and bacteria that might be present. Five to ten milliliters of urine are injected subcutaneously-this injection may cause some burning which can be eliminated by adding procaine to the filtered urine.

The urine injection technique is very useful for allergies, asthma, migraine headaches and arthritis. A nonspecific increase in immune capacity has been recorded in cancer patients given urine therapy.

The book I saw advertised was about drinking urine, even simpler. And urine is sterile unless you have an infection. Sorry, I have no personal experience.