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Lying Now

Article <57qb69$>
From: )
Subject: YES! Zeta Prediction 3-7 Right on Target!
Date: 30 Nov 1996 22:07:05 GMT

In article <578ipe$> posted last Thursday 24-Nov-96, the Zetas PREDICTED the following:

From: )
Newsgroups: sci.astro
Subject: Re: Hale-Bopp - the Zetas PREDICT!
Date: 24 Nov 1996 04:26:22 GMT

ZETA PREDICTION 3: WE PREDICT that the prestigious individuals who come forth WILL NOT address any of these questions screaming to be answered. They will pontificate, and refuse to debate or respond, and then leave. This is what WE PREDICT.

AS TO QUESTION Screaming to be Answered 7) How it is that NASA and JPL can do an about face on life on Mars, suddenly deciding they MUST go to Mars and WILL photo those artifacts that demonstrate intelligence once walks about up there - yet they weren't liars before. If they lied then about life on Mars, then why is it not possible for them to be lying now about Hale-Bopp?

RESULTS: The articles states in various places:
A giant comet is promising a great show this spring, perhaps becoming one of the brightest comets of the century .. Astronomers can only guess, but they believe Hale-Bopp's nucleus could be as much as 25 miles across. ... While nothing about comets can be guaranteed, chances are high it will look brighter than Hyakutake ... said Russel Sipe, an Orange County amateur astronomer, and keeper of one of the many Internet web pages devoted to Hale-Bopp. "We're all hopeful, but we're all leery, too. You can never be sure with comets." ... While its success as a public spectacle is not yet assured,

BIG BIG WIN for the Zetas, who correctly saw that these liars would be backing away from their lie, doing an about face, and hoping that no one would notice. Now its all a MAYBE? MIGHT? HOPEFUL? NO GUARANTEE? NOT YET ASSURED? LEERY? CAN ONY GUESS? PERHAPS? Sure. Read backpeddling.