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Blackout on Hale-Bopp

Article <57qb2b$>
From: )
Subject: OOPS Zeta Prediction 3-5, (Hale Countered)
Date: 30 Nov 1996 22:04:59 GMT

In article <578ipe$> posted last Thursday 24-Nov-96, the Zetas PREDICTED the following:

From: )
Newsgroups: sci.astro
Subject: Re: Hale-Bopp - the Zetas PREDICT!
Date: 24 Nov 1996 04:26:22 GMT

ZETA PREDICTION 3: WE PREDICT that the prestigious individuals who come forth WILL NOT address any of these questions screaming to be answered. They will pontificate, and refuse to debate or respond, and then leave. This is what WE PREDICT.

AS TO QUESTION Screaming to be Answered 5) Why the blackout on Hale-Bopp is closing in the closer this "comet of the century" gets to giving us the "glorious show" that was predicted. Shouldn't we be opening the windows wide, and POINTING to this glory so that all can see?

RESULTS: The article states:
[Hale states] "It's going to be a lot of fun when it comes closer". Already, its coma and tail - the haze of dust and gas that surrounds its center and is blown away from the sun in a long streamer - stretches across millions of miles. In areas well away from city lights, the comet is visible to the naked eye even now as a faint, fuzzy patch low on the horizon about an hour and a half after sunset and about ten degrees north of the place where the sun went down. But it is moving close to the sun in the sky, as viewed from Earth's position, and until late February will not be easy to see.

Oops, well, they couldn't give the Zetas a 100% win, now could they :-). Hale, after all, has a vested interest.