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Orbital Period

Article <57qaun$>
From: )
Subject: YES! Zeta Prediction 3-3 Right on Target!
Date: 30 Nov 1996 22:03:03 GMT

In article <578ipe$> posted last Thursday 24-Nov-96, the Zetas PREDICTED the following:

From: )
Newsgroups: sci.astro
Subject: Re: Hale-Bopp - the Zetas PREDICT!
Date: 24 Nov 1996 04:26:22 GMT

ZETA PREDICTION 3: WE PREDICT that the prestigious individuals who come forth WILL NOT address any of these questions screaming to be answered. They will pontificate, and refuse to debate or respond, and then leave. This is what WE PREDICT.

AS TO QUESTION Screaming to be Answered 3) How Brian Marsden could announce the orbital period of a comet to be between 3,000 and 4,000 years, based on the orbital element calculated between 1983 and 1995, and yet the orbit of Hale-Bopp has skewed around mightily, undergoing almost daily changes, so that the unstable Hale-Bopp orbit today looks NOTHING like the original orbit Marsden announced and predicated upon.

RESULTS: The article simply states:
Calculations show it has been about 3,000 years since it last came this close to the sun.

BIG BIG WIN for the Zetas!