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Article <57qao6$>
From: )
Subject: YES! Zeta Prediction 1 Right on Target!
Date: 30 Nov 1996 21:59:34 GMT

In article <578ipe$> posted last Thursday 24-Nov-96, the Zetas PREDICTED the following:

From: )
Newsgroups: sci.astro
Subject: Re: Hale-Bopp - the Zetas PREDICT!
Date: 24 Nov 1996 04:26:22 GMT

ZETA PREDICTION 1: Since the public has finally been roused and has come to notice that the dramatic pictures of Hale-Bopp, so much on the Internet and in the media in the early days, are now absent without adequate explanation, WE PREDICT that the single individual, the NASA Principal Investigator who has been given exclusive rights to Hubble pictures of Hale-Bopp, will come forward and grant the public a look at these prizes. HOWEVER, these pictures will be of times long past, preferably months ago, and will NOT be pictures of dates announced ahead of time so that the public might correlate their own observations with those of the Hubble. It will be "take our word for it, this is what it LOOKED like". The Hubble's schedule will be kept a close secret. How dare you ask, you just PAY for it!

RESULTS: The article states:
Comet Web Sites: Internet users can find many World Wide Web sites devoted to Comet Hale-Bopp. Here are three of the best.

BIG BIG WIN for the Zeta! Recent photos? I observed extensive discussion on this message board, over the last several weeks, about how there were NO recent photos of Hale-Bopp available anywhere, not for the last 13 months!


They ARE Pictures from the Hubble - BIG BIG BIG WIN for the Zetas!

I went to the jpl.nasa site, and they have front and center pictures of Hale-Bopp from the Hubble dated September 23-26, 1996, courtesy of Hal Weaver, who MUST be the PI that the Zetas were speaking of! This is the Hal Weaver who was quoted in the Saturday morning article. Hah! A BIG BIG WIN for the Zetas who predicted: