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Article <01bbd694$0a789880$ed6235ce@edhood>
From: "Ed Hood" <>
Subject: Re: Does NASA hide HUBBLE-Pics ? (Questions to shramek)
Date: 20 Nov 1996 03:36:39 GMT

This issue that has been raised is HST photos of H-B are not being released. There are plenty of recent photos of H-B on the web, even photos from "real" observatories. Just none from HST. There have been NONE since October, 1995. Not October 1996. That's 13 Months... There didn't seem to be a problem releasing the ONE picture then. Why not just one now?

I don't feel it is a "great cover-up". Just not proper.


Remember... Even though the Moon is smaller than the Earth, it is also further away

Gordon Garradd <> wrote in article <Pine.SUN.3.91.961120065540.2565B-100000@jolt>...
> Yes, but also I understand that HST is not able to image objects under
> 50 degrees solar elongation, to avoid damaging sensitive detectors, and
> guess when Hale-Bopp went through that elongation?... the end of October!
> It is of no surprise to me that there are no November HST images of
> Hale-Bopp being released, most likely none are being taken.
> For a CCD image of Hale-Bopp next to M14 ( or could it be a swarm of
> UFOs? ;) ) on October 28, see
> Clear Skies, Gordon