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Perturb Away from Jupiter

On May 28, '96 JPL posted new orbital elements for HB, which when placed into my Skymap program come up the a RA and Dec for that date of

May 28, '96	RA: 19h31m44s	Dec: 15.9.20 S
Presumably HB was observed to be there, else why the need to correct NASA's Feb 22, '96 orbital elements. Then on June 27, '96 JPL came back and posted new orbital elements. Presumably they had observed HB changing position, and thus the need for new elements. When I place the June 27, '96 elements into my Skymap and compare the RA and Dec to where the observed position of HB on May 28, '96 would have placed it, I find the mythical HB moving firther away from Jupiter, at a time when it is passing Jupiter.
May 28, '96	RA: 19h0m10s	Dec: 12.21.35 S
Jun 27, '96	RA: 19h0m9s	Dec: 12.17.4 S
Do comets lurch away from their perturbing influences, the giant Jupiter? The Zetas wish to speak to this issue.

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This careless oversight on the part of the conspirators demonstrates with remarkable clarity what we have been stating. Hale-Bopp is not a real object in the heavens, being tracked, it is an orbit painted across the sky with a cheering section posting regularly on the message boards. It doesn't exist. When, ever, has a comet lurched away from Jupiter when passing it, by several arc minutes? Was not the posting on May 28 a result of an actual observation? Was not the posting on June 27 a result of an actual observation? If this is the case, as we are sure the conspirators will claim, then how do they explain the comet being repulsed by Jupiter, twitching several arc minutes away from this gravitational giant at the moment of passage?

This is proof that these orbits are not the result of a real object being tracked, but a fraud.
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