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Zig-Zaging Orbit

Something the Zetas observed and wanted me to point out. Perturbations are supposed to pull a comet toward the perturbing influence and/or increase its speed - not then push the comet away! In tracking the 4 "orbits" given by the IAU on 11/95, NASA on 2/22/96, and JPL on 5/28/96 and again on 6/27/96, it's clear that in their ferver to have their fraud make a dive for Gamma Andromedae at perihelion, they neglected to tend to details. They didn't think you'd notice, and you didn't, guys! But the manipulations weren't lost on the Zetas, who don't need a court order to tape the brain waves of those who scheme to confuse you'all about the millennium comet. It ain't HB, and it ain't going away as quietly as this non-comet will. (Baaa go the sheep of sci.astro!!)

Below, the chart used to show the drift toward Gamma Andromedae. I've placed <= => arrows to show the zig or zag. Question for the IAU and NASA and JPL, who are painting this fraud on the message boards for you. What comet in the past has done a zig-zag when supposedly consistently floating down toward the elliptic where the outer lying giant planets are clustered? Why would a comet move toward a gravitational giant like Jupiter and then move away? Gocha, guys! Best to fess up or give your fraud a quick burial, whichever. The problem with elaborate lies is one keeps getting tripped up in the details! This game won't last long if the sheep wake up! Then again, only a handful have bothered to even question why they look in the sky per your directions and see nothing, so maybe you know how docile they are and how easily duped and intimidated. Guess so, as you've been audacious in your postings, and they haven't even seemed to notice!

O.E.'s  	IAU 11/95	=>NASA 2/22	<=JPL 5/28	<=JPL 6/27

RA on 4/1/96	19h42m46s	=>19h42m44s	<=19h42m44s 	<=19h42m46s
 Dec (S)	19.35.13 	=>19.37.48	<=19.37.45  	<=19.35.26

RA on 5/1/96	19h43m59s	=>19h43m56s	<=19h43m56s 	<=19h43m59s
 Dec(S)		17.19.00	=>17.22.17	<=17.22.13  	<=17.19.19

RA on 6/1/96	19h28m21s	=>19h28m19s	<=19h28m19s 	<=19h28m21s
 Dec(S)		14.42.60	=>14.46.22	<=14.46.22  	<=14.42.38

RA on 7/1/96	18h54m17s	=>18h54m19s	<=18h54m19s 	<=18h54m17s
 Dec(S)		11.50.36	=>11.56.5	<=11.55.54  	<=11.51.21

RA on 8/1/96	18h10m14s	=>18h10m23s	<=18h10m23s 	<=18h10m16s
 Dec(S)		8.50.32 	=>8.56.56 	<=8.56.38  	<=8.51.29

RA on 9/1/96	17h38m40s	=>17h38m53s	<=17h38m53s 	<=17h38m42s
 Dec(S)		6.13.19 	=>6.37.49 	<=6.37.49  	<=6.32.28

RA on 10/1/96	17h29m39s	=>17h29m54s	<=17h29m53s 	<=17h29m42s
 Dec(S)		4.57.58 	=>5.4.90 	<=5.3.58  	<=4.58.29

RA on 11/1/96	17h39m57s	=>17h40m11s	<=17h40m11s 	<=17h40m00s
 Dec(S)		3.16.49 	=>3.23.14 	<=3.23.60  	<=3.18.40

RA on 12/1/96	18h4m25s	=>18h4m36s	<=18h4m36s 	<=18h4m28s
 Dec(S)		0.32.56 	=>0.39.53 	<=0.39.43  	<=3.34.25

RA on 1/1/97	18h42m59s	=>18h43m2s	<=18h43m2s 	<=18h43m0s
 Dec(N)		4.53.30 	=>4.44.15 	<=4.44.28  	<=4.51.10

RA on 2/1/97	19h41m26s	=>19h41m4s	<=19h41m4s 	<=19h41m21s
 Dec(N)		15.41.31	=>15.28.90	<=15.28.27  	<=15.38.15

RA on 3/1/97	21h24m17s	=>21h22m17s	<=21h22m19s 	<=21h23m50s
 Dec(N)		33.37.20	=>33.18.12	<=33.18.44  	<=33.32.13

RA on 4/1/97	1h51m27s	=>1h47m24s	<=1h47m30s 	<=1h50m31s
 Dec(N)		44.21.49	=>44.42.52	<=44.42.28  	<=44.26.50

RA on 5/1/97	4h42m12s	=>4h41m18s	<=4h41m20s 	<=4h41m59s
 Dec(N)		25.42.60	=>26.13.12	<=26.12.26  	<=25.47.58