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Occult Gamma Andromedae

The reason no explanation is given for the adjustments to the HB posted orbit elements is that there is no valid explanation, only fraud. The adjustments move the point where HB is supposed to be at perihelion on top of a double star (Gamma Andromedae =Almach, Flamsteed # 57, Bayer =2), so the masses can confuse the two. Last fall perihelion was given as March 31, moving to April 1 this spring. Where is the mythical HB to be at perihelion, per the orbit elements given by the IAU, NASA, and JPL?

	IAU 11/95	NASA 2/22	JPL 5/28	JPL 6/27	to G.A.
RA	1h42m18s							00h21m33s
D(N)	44.43.22							02.23.64

RA 			1h47m24s					00h16m27s
D(N)			44.42.52					02.22.94

RA 					1h47m30s			00h16m12s
D(N)					44.42.28			02.22.70

RA 							1h50m31s	00h13m20s
D(N)							44.26.50	02.06.92

And closing fast! And when you'all have digested that, the Zetas have a couple more irregularities in the orbit they'd like to point out. First, the explanation please, for what this orbit has been regularly changing. Specifics please!