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Hoagland stated that "no one has seen the comet" as yet, as "what we are seeing is the coma". Hoagland explained that a comet begins to outgas or "flare" when the Sun heats it, and that a comet out beyond Jupiter should not be outgassing. Hoagland stated that where Hale-Bopp should not be outgassing, it is "holding in brightness from July to the end of September". Hoagland stated that the gas cloud is estimated to be about one and a half million miles across, twice as broad as the Sun. Hoagland stated that for a comet which is not supposed to be outgassing to have such a huge gas cloud is "very anomalous".

Hoagland reminded Art Bell that when he first heard about Hale-Bopp he "predicted" a 3,600 year return, which is "the classical Summerian Shar", the return of the 12th Planet known as the "planet of the crossing". Hoagland explained that the "Summerian Priests understood" all the planets in the Solar System, plus "another object" they called the "planet of the crossing". This planet had a "highly elliptical orbit" several hundred AU beyond Jupiter. Hoagland stated that Sitchin's work had "impressed him", and that he felt Hale-Bopp "has been made to fit the Sitchin model". Hoagland stated he was "incredibly suspicious" when the orbit of Hale-Bopp was announced. Hoagland suspects "someone" nudged a speck to "mimic" the 12th Planet. Hoagland stated that an "intelligent, artificial intervention" created Hale-Bopp, else why would a tiny lump of ice flare "abnormally". He stated that Hale-Bopp was sent to "replicate the orbital period and to simulate" the 12th Planet.

Hoagland said, regarding the projected arrival in 1997, "what is stunning is the timing", as by his calculations this is the correct ending of the "Mayan Calendar" which was to end on December 23, 2012. Hoagland stated that "because of errors in our own calendar" that it is "later than you think", and that 1997 is the "end of the fabled Mayan Calendar". Hoagland stated that he felt the Mayan Calendar date "is critical now", as without intervention there will be "increased geological activity". After a lengthy discussion about various alien and human takeover agendas and predictions on pending geological changes, Hoagland responded to a question, saying "Why would someone try to confuse us? Answer: to distract us. If the physics is mandating major geological changes, and we are distracted both individually and governmentally into looking in the wrong directions until the clock strikes one, then maybe somebody doesn't have to lift a finger because nature will take care of, quote, the problem."

In closing Hoagland summed up that he felt that Hale-Bopp is "part of a scenario to get us thinking in terms of an apocalyptic scenario and to keep us distracted from what we really have to pay attention to, which is how to get our policy people to begin to look within to the physics and geology of this planet itself".