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ZetaTalk: Mind Control
Note: written on May 15, 1996

The dream of all controlling individuals, a category which includes the military hierarchy, is to create virtual robots out of the population at the flip of a switch. Riot control, preventing resistance, silencing dissent, ensuring complete adherence to orders or edicts - such are the heady goals of those who are control oriented. Humans use drugs, physical restraints, and threats and bribes to gain these ends, but none of these methods are fail-safe. In human-to-human encounters no one is paralyzed unless drugs or physical restraints are used, and likewise leaving a memory only in the subconscious where it can act like a post-hypnotic suggestion is achievable only by battering and splintering the conscious through trauma and drugs. The secret government, which in the early days was heavily influenced by the CIA, longed to master what they considered to be mind control techniques.

In fact, as we have stated, a human cannot be given a hypnotic suggestion they are not in accordance with, and during visitations the human is in control and can terminate contact at any time simply by willing it to be so. Even the paralyzed state, which makes use of an old portion of the human brain that is akin to a possum's brain, can be broken at will by the human. Nevertheless, the CIA did a considerable amount of casting about, trying to discover how aliens were able to paralyze humans and plant what they assumed to be post hypnotic suggestions. Needless to say, they did not succeed, but their fervor and rumors of this activity inspired such stories as the Manchurian Candidate, where humans, while unaware, are time bombs waiting to become absolute robots behaving in a preprogrammed manner. This is all so far from what is possible as to be positively silly.

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