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ZetaTalk: SARS
Note: written during the Apr 26, 2003 Live ZetaTalk IRC Session

We predicted early in the start of ZetaTalk that increasing illness would be a phenomenon that would occur as the pole shift approached, just as erratic weather and increasing quake frequency and strength will. We stated at that time that this would be due to carrier, insects or whatever, on the move to fresh locations as well as dropped immune systems. Early indications were increased workload in clinics and hospitals, but until recently when whole cruise ships became ill with something as simple as a stomach flu were in the news, little of this was demonstrable. In the last year, not only several cruise ships, but whole US military bases were afflicted with Strep infections, a common infection. Now SARS has made its appearance, similar to existing viruses that afflict mankind, and spreading rapidly. This is an example of an existing, but little known, virus spreading to new areas.

In former times, a virus such as SARS would affect a village, make them ill as with flu, and all would either recover or die and the virus fail to spread further. Now with reduced immune systems, more are getting ill enough to need care in hospitals, the first source of carriers as health care workers interface with many! All it took for this existing virus to move about between countries was for today’s travel to spread it. In the past, a traveler might be ill, but not infect another as the others immune system was strong, but no longer. Thus, it is a combination of factors that have created the SARS situation.

Will the governments in the know about the coming shift use SARS to restrict travel? Certainly, but they hardly need this excuse to create restrictions. Look to the restrictions that have been put in place as a result of terrorism threat. Immigration checked and restricted, air port security checks and profiling, and everyone afraid to travel for fear of hijacking. Travel restrictions can be expected where the elite find their enclaves encroached upon. Travel among groups and areas not desirable will be allowed, as the elite care not where the dogs wander, just that the dogs should not dirty their yards. Thus, those wishing to avoid travel restrictions should consider where the elite are located, are heading, and avoid those areas. Stick to the byways were the common folk live, where travel through elite areas is not required or in the path to be taken. Quarantines of this or that city, or apartment complex, or hospital, will be limited and not spread to restrictions in a country at large, as this is burdensome.

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