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I made a quick drawing of the basic principles for distillation using a plastic tent. I have it about half built but it has not been tested yet. It is very simple in it's construction. One needs PVC-Pipe, PVC- fittings, and plastic tarps. A flex tube and container to collect the distilled water. A little silicon rubber to make the seal where the hose goes through the plastic. A funnel to fill it. A source of heat and coolness is need in close proximity to each other. The greater the difference in temperature the faster water can be distilled. Now that this principle is understood. Lets take it to the next step. Suppose one uses clear plastic for the walls and grows plants in the ground where the gray water is shown. Suppose after the pole shift there is enough light for some very low light plants to grow. Now this setup would allow one to distill water for human use and at the same time protect the plants from toxins from outside rain. Nutrients could be fed to the plants from worm beds etc. The small amount of light coming through the dense clouds could be supplemented with additional light if power is available.

The disadvantage to this is animals can easily tear their way in and get our food. Probably would need to fence this off to protect it. Another disadvantage is plastic tarps have a limited life to them. Clear thick vinyl might be the longest lasting. Any plastic may leach out some toxins (plasticides) into the distilled water. This would become less with usage. I am currently thinking lead, etc. poisoning to be worse than the plasticides.

Offered by Mike.