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Insects as Food Yes! Oui, oui!: There is scarcely any kind of insect which a survivor could not safely eat. Starvation next to impossible! Insects are wonderful food being mostly fat and far more strengthening than either fish or meat. It does not take many insects to keep you fit. (Ask a bear.) Don't be squeamish about eating insects as it is entirely uncalled for. In parts of Mexico the most nutritious food is made from the eggs of small insects found in the marshes.

In Japan draning needles or dragon flies are delicacy. They have a delicious delicate taste so be sure to try them after all millions of Japanese can't be all wrong. Moths, mayflies in fact about all the insects found in the woods are very edible = (Good). The only one which gives a bitter taste is the ants because they contain formic acid. Grasshoppers or locust are considered a delicacy in many countries. It is best to remove wings and legs & toast the body on a stick. So are cicadas, termites, locusts and crickets are edible. Remember that all locusts, crickets, termites, ants, larva etc. have double advantages; easy to catch and nourishing, fried or roasted gives a better taste and they are an excellent source of proteins.

However as for all the insects one must remember to cook them all in order to get rid of any parasites. Just remove the head, wings and legs & cook them in steam or fry them. Also chenille are good food sources but avoid to eat the chenille a poils since numerous species of them are toxic.

Insects Hunting: (It buggs me?)
An ancient method for securing already cooked insects, reptiles and small animals is to fire large tracks of grassland and then to comb them for whatever may have been roasted by the fire.
A small light at night is all that you need to get you all the insects you need to keep you in good conditions even Rambozoro or Jane.
If the weather is too cold for flying insects, kick open some rotten logs or look under stones and get some grubs. They keep bear fat and healthy and will do the same for you dear.
Insects can be used as bait to get birds or fishes and that the best time to capture them is in the morning when they are still numbed by the cold night.
Ant's Lemonade: (Anyone?)
Some aborigines have capitalized on the ants' acidity by mashing them in water sweetened with berries or sap to make a sort of lemonade. The eggs and the young of the ant are also eaten.
Insects & Worms:
Best boiled. Cook and mince them by crushing in a can. More acceptable dried on hot rocks and then ground into a powder with which to enrich soups and stews. The large types of worms particularly are eaten in many countries. So eat them before they eat you?!
The white wood burrowing Larvae of Beetles is usually found in rotten logs. Remove the head, thorax and legs and eat. The eggs are edible but are dry and tasteless. Maggots are good to eat too.
Both aquatic or terrestrial snails are an excellent source of food when obtainable.