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My family and I visited the Smithsonian last summer and the nice little old lady at the insect displays mentioned bug recipes on their web site. I expect my children will need to know some of these methods of food preparation.

I'm not sure whether you've told your children about what is going to happen with the pole shift or not, but either way I think that you could get them started with a project that they would find fun no matter what age they are. Get them started with a small mealworm farm. I've heard that mealworms can be used in a stirfry and are very tasty. This would have a double benefit. First, if you raised them yourselves you may get over the "dirty bug" thinking that makes wild bugs hard to start eating. Second, it would teach them the basics of cultivating their own food on a small scale. They may think you're weird at first, but show me kids who don't think their parents are weird. They'll appreciate it in the long run.

Offered by John.

Posted on misc.survivalism, the following quote on mealworms:

Well, I dunno about garden grubs, but fried mealworms are really quite tasty. Crunchy, with a flavor sort of like almond slivers. I believe pet stores sell them (live) to feed to lizards and things. Hm, I should see about picking some up and making my "favorite rice recipe" to share with friends when they come over. Anybody have nutritional or livestocking info for mealworms?

Andrew Piskorski