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What does need to be pointed out is that many (but not all) tarantula species (and there are a lot of species in different parts of the world) carry urticating hairs on the abdomen. These are hairs that the spider flicks up off its body into the face of a chasing predator. The hairs are fine and barbed and have a nasty habit of getting into eyes and nasal membranes and staying there. Thus, two things need to be stressed here.

  1. Careful handling of the whole spider (be it dead or alive) is necessary, not just the business end with the fangs! Handling the spider with tongs, gloves, or impaled on a stick is probably wise.
  2. Rub any body hairs off your cooked tarantula, but not with your bare hands!

Beware tarantulas with bald patches! (This isusually a good sign they have those barbed hairs and aren't afraid to use them!).

Offered by Phil.