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Vital Earth

The Vital Earth company is committed to exploring and utilizing to the fullest limits the application of natural and little known technologies and subtle combinations of these alternative methods for soil rejuvenation and organic agriculture all within an environmentally safe and conscious approach. We have coined two new words to describe the process:

The application range from dairy farm waste reduction and conversion, to municipal waste recycling. Earthworm growing can also be a means of converting animal waste in one step to high protein feedstock for agriculture, Silver Perch and Yabbies or birds such as Duck, Quail, or Poultry. Being an underground, tough creature it has important potential for those of us concerned about cataclysms, i.e. the worm is living in near radiation proof conditions, its ability to survive in highly toxic conditions is now being employed in toxic land fill reclaimation. A cocoon pack for later hatching could become a useful survival pack for inclusion for those concerned with these matters.

Our modular Earthworm pit is designed for easy transportation via a trailer of small flat top truck. It can be hoisted via gantry and slings, or Forklift. Our system is in operation throughout Australia and will operate in any climate. When installed and fed with a wide variety of organic wastes, the Earthworms will reduce the volume and enrich the material substantially. The resultant casts, solid and liquid, making perfect plant food. For those that wish to grow earthworms to harvest for resale this system will ensure maximum Earthworm production at all times.

Our modular above ground system allows for easy harvesting of Earthworms and cast, additional modules can be added at any time.

The Vital Earth Modular Earthworm Pit specifications are:

Length : 3.0m
Width : 1.5m
Height : 300mm
Weight : 700-800 Kg (moisture dependant)
Material: H3 Grade Treated Pine
Output : 20 litres Liquid cast per week
1 Kg of worms per day
4 Kg of solid cast per day


For additional information contact Darryl Jones of the Vital Earth company.