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Since finding Potash was suggested to be from ashes, rich in this nutrient, I was planning to get some ashes from a wood stove nearby and explore this. Just about the time the acid level was diving from 6.5 to 5.5, I arrived with filtered water from water soaked ashes, very alkaline. Lesson learned: earthworms, poop, and ashes are common ingredients that the common family can acquire. This balanced the pH beautifully, and I continued to add wood ash water periodically, testing pH to see when a pH of 7.0 or anyway at or above 6.5 was reached. At one point I added too much wood ash water, and the solution was highly alkaline, to my horror. So the ashes are a solution to high acid hydroponic water. Other than commercial strips or tabs, how would one determine that the pH was too acid or alkaline? I think the taste test might do it, acid or not, like vinegar or not, but since the solution is gained from manure in worm beds, one is likely to get the runs from this test.

Offered by Nancy.

Best Management Practices for Wood Ash Used as an Agricultural Soil.

Offered by Gabe.

pH can be tested using red cabbage soaked paper;

We tried this and it works as advertised! Guess we have to put red cabbage on the list of plants to be growing. Next step is to find the degree of acid or alkaline condition (how far from pH 7 something is.)

Offered by Michael.