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I sent the following E-mail out to the AWH List ( one week ago. Below are some of the excellent responses I got. I think hugh's recommendations look the best. The first one in his list uses a prop that is about 20" in diameter. All recommendations I think would work.

Offered by Mike.

Does anyone know where to purchase or how to make a lightweight portable windmill? Needs to produce enough electricity to recharge hand held ham radios, and LED flashlights for a party of 3 to 10. Estimate about 10 to 20 watt-hr over night (12 hr period) should be plenty for average wind conditions. Needs to be light enough to backpack it and supporting structure into primitive areas. Needs to be durable enough to work for extended periods of time. Needs to be relatively easy to put up. Assume average wind conditions without trees or above the trees. Assume one can chouse to camp where the wind is blowing at least one out of each three-day period. Assume moving during the day, and near continuous cloudy rainy weather.

A lightweight hand crank generator could work as an alternative. This is, if the cranking time does not exceed say 10-20 min/day. Don't know what is available and which approach would be best. I am thinking if moving around a lot, the hand crank generator may be best. However, if camping in one spot for a while the windmill might be best. Any ideas on where to get these things and what will work best?

I don't know of anything quite that small on the market. There is the Rutland 503, 3.5kg, and the LVM A2, 5kg, Or you could use an AIR, 6kg, or build one from the hub dynamo off a bicycle.
Hugh Piggott
I have an air 403. It is very light and has its own charge control built in. you might contact Southwest Wind Power and get the weight etc. Also LVM has a small genny without the furling tail but you would have to carry a charge control.
John Haymaker
Yes, Rutland makes a 36" blade one and 90 watts, a piece of cake to carry.
Mike Fournier
Take a look at Trillium A semi portable (meaning on a vehicle) version with a solar panel clamped to the side of a pole has been used in the UK for some time.
Bill Gray
Poweretek-Energeia is a very young company that produces hand crank generators.
-Attached we sent you two pictures of the generator.
-The estimated price for one unit is $750 FOB Bogotá, for a number up to twelve units the price can be discussed.
-It is built in a very resistant material, non corrodible with common substances.
-The weight is 4.5 kg and the dimensions are 22.8x15.8x11.3 cms
-In a normal rate of work, 55-80 rpm at the hand crank, it delivers 25-35 Watts, It has a built in regulator/battery
-It is built as a simple box in order to adapt it to a bycicle or any other mechanical system.
-All moving parts are mounted on bearings
Victor Robayo
I suggest you to look at Green windmill plans.
József Huszti