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Saronan Power is a wind generator in the 4-5Kw range for $2500. I called them up to get details. The guy I talked to said he has not established production yet but is sending me some info.

Offered by Steve.

Wind Generators to Cut Your Electric Bills

Saronan Power manufactures and sells roof mounted wind generators for electrical power. These units are small and light enough for residential as well as commercial use, and will typically generate four to five kilowatts with a 10 to 20 mph wind. Our money saving units are connected directly into your power breaker panel. They will reduce your electric bills! Of course, when the wind is not blowing hard enough to supply all of your power, your additional power needs are still supplied by your electric company. Units are $2500, plus $1000 if we install the unit. Instructions come with each unit so that you save more money by installing it yourself, a simple, half-day operation.

Saronan Power
938 E 14th Street
Colorado City, TX 79512
Phone: (915) 728-5553