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A large EM pulse will probably cause a large enough current jolt to melt the wires and then insulation of the windings, thus shorting out the motor. Keeping spare thinly insulated wire on hand can be useful in rebuilding the motor by hand. What about using a small aircraft blade in a pinch? If worse comes to worse, you can fashion a blade out of wood. As far as spare parts, anything that moves will eventually wear out, so spare bearings would be important. Also complete technical plans would be helpful. A supplier may manufacture some parts, but most likely they will make use of as much off the shelf parts, as practical, to avoid unnecessary manufacturing. Try and get the location of any other machines close to you, not only to get feedback from current owners but also as a possible backup source to buy/barter for parts. What you learn from the experience can also be useful in helping others who decide to use wind power. If you go through with it all, like it or not, you will become an expert.

Offered by Steve.