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Wind Generators are any where from $500 for 300 watt unit, to around $2,500 for a 1,500 watt unit to around $4,200 for a 3Kw unit. Prices for larger wattage go up accordingly. Next comes charge controllers for the battery bank. $100 to $400 for 30Amp (standard) to say $400 for 120Amp. Trace Inverters are from around $2,200 - $4,000 for 2.5Kw-5.5KVA and many in between for the good ones, i.e. high efficiency, "cleaner" sine wave voltage output. There are cheaper ones that computers may not run on, and radios might buzz some, but for the most part will work OK. I purchased a large dual 48 volt, 8Kw system that included the charge controller for about $6,800. Again, this is a pretty large system.

I gathered my prices, in this research, from these sites among others: Southwest Windpower and Real Goods.

Offered by Steve.