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TOPIC: Home Made

Make Shift windmills could be made from Existing Technology. Car Parts could be used to construct a Paddle Wheel windmill, using such parts as the Generator, Water Pump, and Tire Rim. Axle Paddles using a 12V Series can be used, as has been suggested by VITA and done with a Model T Ford. Variations are a Tire Prop, or an Axle Prop using Axle Math with great Results, or a Horizontal windmill. Quite Doable as the Savonius Rotor demonstrates. Lawn Mower blades could form a windmill. A Wind Gauge can be constructed, as can Battery Charging controls such as a Voltage Regulator. Battery Banks need to Stay Charged. Generators such as the Servo Motor are available. Plans for a build-your-own Alternator exist, can be a converted Aircraft or Lawnmower generator, and Books or other Web Sites such as Hugh Piggott's or Homebrew Windpower can help. Plans for a Woodcrafted windmill exist. Blade Design is explained. A Downwind generator gets less stress, as an Overdriven generator will burn out, as will an Alternator, and Balance counts. Old Fashioned plans are also available for mills such as the Nebraska Windmill, which can be built using Sails and operates at Ground Level as this Sketch shows, which can present Problems. A dedicated Troubled Times member from Sweden has provided a Home Made wind turbine design and outlined the Factors to Consider, specifying the Supplies Needed, how to calculate the Wing Diameter, how to calculate the Natural Force of the wind and expected Output, how to calculate the Wing Width and a wing Width Example, how to calculate a Wing Profile with NACA points and a Profile Example. A Troubled Times TEAM has been formed to find inexpensive ways to build windmills.