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A few years ago I was traveling from Arizona to Nevada and chanced upon hundreds of acres of commercial windmill electric generators. There were more than I would even try to count. I couldn't tell what material the poles they were made of, but expect concrete because of their size. They were huge, with blade diameters probably over 20 feet and the towers 10 times that. I noticed a group of maybe 20 in a rather isolated area that had obviously either been blown down or demolished. I happened to see a power company truck exiting a road that lead to the whole area and stopped him and asked what had happened to the downed towers. He said the weather service said a "micro burst" blew them down. Micro bursts have only been discovered in the last few years and many previously reported tornado damage areas were actually caused by micro bursts, associated with severe thunder storms, which contain short duration winds of as much as 200 miles per hour.

So, from that experience, any wind mill that can't be disassembled and stored in a safe place prior to the pole shift wouldn't have a chance.

Offered by Ron.