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Yesterday, when I had a day off in Denmark, I visited a Danish windmill maker. They have two windmills commercially available:

They have currently no stand-alone models, and I am rather skeptical about the fixed wing and its inability to handle yaw. They are planning to develop a stand-alone 22 kW model, based on the 11 kW design, but with a flexible 2-bladed turbine, if they can get the funding for the development cost.

I had earlier been in contact with a Swedish windmill maker. They went silent after my last correspondence, when I started asking about being able to service the mill myself, manually de-mount and mount the tower top without the usage of external cranes etc. I plan on visiting them later this summer to get the dialogue going again. They manufacture a 20 kW model with en enclosed concrete tower, 30m (100'), flexible blade turbine, up-wind. They are planning a 30kW stand-alone windmill based upon the 20kW design.

The Swedish design seems to be the better one, but no way will it be possible to lower the tower and de-mount the tower top before the pole shift and mount it again after the pole shift. The Danish design seems less sophisticated, but the towers can be raised and lowered manually, and the tower top can be manually mounted (and hopefully de-mounted as well).

Offered by Jan.

I had the opportunity to work in Denmark some 15 years ago on the Danwin Model 18 Wind Turbines there. There is a big stretch between a 5.5 kW and an 11 kWmachine. What are your target requirements in watts? You can compute your needs by computing how many watts an appliance consumes when running in a peak condition.

Offered by Jay.