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According to an e-mail from the 20kW windmill supplier, the windmill can be delivered with some sort of a "climbing crane" (whatever they mean by that) to be mounted on the steel frame tower and to be used instead of a car mounted mobile crane where lack of accessibility prevents the usage of the mobile crane. I plan to build an EMP-safe storage area not too far away from the windmills. Safe storage of the generator may however influence my choice of windmill size. I have not yet found out the tower top weight for the selected model. I did note however that the Jacobs 29-20, another 20kW windmill, has a tower top weight of 2300 pounds, and that smaller windmills like Jacobs Long (2.4-3.6kW) has a tower top weight of 550 pounds.

Offered by Jan.

When a pole shift occurs, you will probably have at least a couple of hours before winds get pretty high. Gordon Michael Scallion has mentioned that a complete pole shift will occur in 3 separate shifts, so you may need to be well rehearsed on mounting and unmounting. It is certainly ambitious, but if you plan it ahead of time, you should be OK.

Offered by Steve.

Maybe a better method for unmounting the tower might be to have the base on hinges (making it possible to simply lower the entire tower down to the ground and bolt it securely to ground.

Offered by James.

Possible, but based on the size of the tower needed for the 20kW wind turbine, it would be pretty difficult to do. The smaller units would be a better possibility for that solution, though partial disassembly may be an easier choice based on the current design of existing systems.

Offered by Steve.

There is a company that makes windmills that can be raised and lowered by 2 people - World Power Technologies. The Troubled Times pages point to this company already.

Offered by John.