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There will be no TV or Radio weather reports after the pole shift. We will need to predict our own weather. I suspect hurricanes and tornadoes will occur frequently after the pole shift almost everywhere, with, over time, only some areas being susceptible to these patterns as is the pattern today. At some point we will need to do some predicting of the future weather patterns for the planet. As the speed of the wind begins to increase, how will we know until it is too late. We will be intent on growing and generating as much power as we can. I think it will be very easy for the wind to creep up to 120 mph and above before you know it.

Offered by Mike.

Get a barometer.

Offered by John.

A barometer will not tell you about wind speeds. It will tell you about the changes in atmospheric pressure. This can give you an idea of impending changes in wind and/or weather, but it won't tell you when the wind speeds will exceed X mph. If I remember my rudimentary meteorology, rising atmospheric pressure means incoming high pressure front which is usually associated with a warm front. Falling pressure means incoming low pressure front which would be a cold front. Either can bring rain and associated increases in wind.

Offered by Roger.