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ZetaTalk: Bad News
Note: writen during the August 3, 2002 Live ZetaTalk IRC Session

We have stated that the coming times are great opportunities, as life will not be slow and steady, with decisions put off, but the opposite. Many will find themselves in situations where they fear for their own lives, but their neighbors and family needing a helping hand. Should they stay, and help others, or run? Heroes born or illusions dashed, the need for action will reveal much. Many have loved ones, or those they feel responsible for or who rely upon them, which they can either desert or remain in place to care for. Should the husband run for the hill, leaving his crippled wife? Should he stay and hold her hand, while the waters rise to engulf them, reassuring her that drowning is not painful or perhaps rocking her in his arms so she cannot see what is coming, or tell himself that her panic does not matter, being short lived?

Knowing that such horrific times are coming, many move beyond the decision of when to place themselves up for ridicule, telling their family in no uncertain terms that they take the pending pole shift theory seriously, to who to tell. Timing of such announcements will resolve itself, as when the planet is increasingly visible, first called a comet or nova or some such and then called a comet with red outgassing, none will deny that something is approaching. Where it is relatively easy to explain to a healthy father, of a healthy family, in a good location, that he should take his family camping when rotation slows noticeable, and distill their drinking water during the aftertime, what to tell the cancer patient? What to tell the person who cannot live without insulin, or who can hardly walk much less eat if others do not bring foot to the table? What to tell those who live in places such as India where escape is not possible, the population held in place by immigration refusal, and lack of options. What to tell those in cities, who have grown soft and have no idea how food is even grown, much less the skills to feed themselves if out in the wild.

Should one explain the situation fully, or pad the truth with sweet lies or omissions? One can see the different approaches in channeled works, where the coming times are talked about in kind terms sounding almost like a trip to the fair. There will be changes, but not to worry, life will be kind and pleasant. The changes are not explained, the dates put off, possibilities of mankind changing matters if they become determined and change their ways - all manner of smoothing the rough edges of what is to come. Is this helping you? What is the alternative, which we espouse. We tell the truth, and let those affected make their decisions. Those who decide to allow death to overtake them, or who will be in this position in any case, can make their peace, settle their affairs, and enjoy their last days fully, giving emphasis to things that matter like loving one another.

How is this different from the ill patient, who is either told of their likely end time or not? If the doctor and family lies, they have hope repeatedly dashed, and one day are frantic as they realize the truth. They die, without saying good-bye as they had hoped, having repeatedly been raised up and dashed down during the process of their disease. Alternatively, the truth told, they weep, embrace their loved ones, and the last moments are precious, lived fully. We suggest, therefore, no white lies, no softening the truth, and no avoidance. Those who cannot deal with it, will deny, and are most likely doing this in their lives at present on many fronts. Those who can, will find their peace more quickly, and in the end thank you for your frankness.

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