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ZetaTalk: Examples
Note: writen during the July 13, 2002 Live ZetaTalk IRC Session

We have indicated that the Star Children starting the Earth's major religions - Christianity, Muslin, and Buddhist, were send to give message of love and the importance of looking beyond the material. We have indicated that Einstein was a Star Child, and what his mission was. But most Star Children who have influenced mankind were not known as such, nor even suspected as such. Many examples that could be given would be no surprise - Ghandi, Al Gore, Spielberg, and others who influence by their example.

On the negative side, it is not the primary sadists and leaders of nations on atrocious mission of greed and savagery that are Star Children. Those in the Service-to-Self from higher densities are much too vicious to even function in a society such as human society. They instead respond to the Call, as was done for the Nazis, influencing humans who create a milder approach to the vicious practices. Thus, other than the Biblical descriptions of the Devil, a true incarnation in a reddish life form, we can point to no examples that mankind would relate to, of incarnated Star Children. Possessions, which are fleeting, being the only exception.

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