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ZetaTalk: Event Timing
Note: writen during the May 25, 2002 Live ZetaTalk IRC Session

On a live radio show with New York this past year, there were questions about the missing Congressmans girlfriend, the one who was going to return to California but went missing. The Zetas said she was amnesiac, not dead, and was in Mexico, and would likely not ever be found. Of course I hold my breath, with the intensity of this investigation, looking for her body, but this has not been found.
TT-Watch, Dec 12, 2001
The park is not far from where Levy lived, and she was known to jog there. Last summer, police conducted an extensive search of the park without finding Levy. The park cuts through some of the city's more upscale neighborhoods and includes jogging and bicycle paths. Police said Levy had looked at a Web site that included information about the Klingle Mansion, an 1823 farmhouse now used as park offices, the day she disappeared. Ramsey said it is too soon to know if Levy's body was there at the time, nor do investigators yet know whether she died at the scene or was killed elsewhere and placed in the park.
CNN, May 22, 2002
The body was not buried. It looks like it was lying on the floor of the forest there, and it was covered with what would accumulate over a year. ... And the fact is the D.C. police did search it, as you know, with 50 police recruits over a period of days, then went back, searched again, went back, searched again. Can you be a lot more specific about how you didn't find this body and a dog walker did? We actually spent some three weeks up there with recruits. ... But given the information we had from her computer, that was a natural place to look and we spent quite a bit of time. What we did was go to different groves and parking areas and paths, drawn concentric circles out of there and had our troops fan out from there to try to find it.
CNN, May 24, 2002

The missing person episode of the year, perhaps of the decade, was the Chandra Levy case. On major media, night after night, in the scandal rags, on Oprah, and with a web site devoted to the search, active for the entire time she was missing until her body was found. This hit the international news also, as CNN and FOX and other media giants go global. Did they not use dogs during the concentric circles they drew from her likely path outward, through the park? Was the body not above ground, where rotting would attract dogs and wildlife, if not call the body to the attention of passing joggers by the rot? Could the body not be seen after the leaves fell from the trees, by a small plane passing overhead, given the clothing supposedly nearby? Bodies left above ground are torn apart and carried about by dogs or cats or other carnivores that live in city parks quite comfortably. Coyotes, for instance, are urban residents. An arm, a leg, a shoulder bone, found at a distance from the body. But none of this was the case, the skeletal remains intact! Thus, one could conclude that:

  1. 1. the body did not rot there,
  2. 2. the body was moved there.

Who moved the body, and why? Given the media exposure, and the sensitivity of the Congressman who clearly wished to return to Congress and be re-elected, this was an open invitation for blackmail and delivery. A blackmail attempt was made, denied, and delivery done to embarrass the Congressman. Was she murdered to fulfill this threat? Yes, and well in advance of the finding of the bones. Look to the viciousness of the Mexican drug cartels, for the methods they would use. Chandra was identifiable, her face everywhere in the papers and on the web. The Congressman was likewise identifiable, his district and Washington DC address in the media constantly. Thus, this contradiction is not a contradiction, in that the statements given in the summer of 2001 were correct, but the situation in the hands of man, subject to change, which it did. She was found on the streets in Mexico, dazed and confused, and thus taken and used for blackmail. It was not deemed that contacting her parents would work, in that they feared a live body being able to identify those demanding money. Thus she was quickly killed, and put out to rot in the sun.

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