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ZetaTalk: Context
Note: writen during the May 25, 2002 Live ZetaTalk IRC Session

When the giant comet positions itself exactly between the Earth and its Sun, things change. The Earth then has its greatest advocate for its previous alignment, the Sun and its magnetic alignment, negated. The Earth hears only the magnetic voice of the giant comet, so to speak, which stands between the Earth and its former magnetic commander, the Sun.
ZetaTalk: Pole Shift
When approaching the point of passage, the shift suddenly happens, and this is before the point when ... Planet X is actually between the Earth and Sun. After the passage, Planet X exits as quickly as it approach.
ZetaTalk: Stop Rotation (May 18, 2002 Addition)

The sticking point is the use of the word exactly in the Pole Shift write-up, in 1995, when more detail given that same year explains the angle and position and distance such that exactly between the Earth and Sun do not seem appropriate. The one write-up was an overview, focusing on what occurs on earth during the shift, and why it happens (magnetic alignment) and the others were focusing on positions between the planets and Sun. If one goes to the store, for groceries, and Mother says "Father will be right back, he went shopping", and then Father does not come back for an hour as he also gassed up the car and chatted with a neighbor, does this make Mother a liar? Her point was, he will be back, soon, and she felt no need to explain all possible diversions he might make. If Mother is approached by a cop, explaining that her husband is in danger of being shot as a kook with a gun has issued a death threat, her answer would not be in that context. She would then state that he went shopping and give the address of the grocery. She would also list all possible side trips or activities he might make. She would provide addresses, phone numbers, details on what he was wearing, the license plate number, and color of car. Is there a difference in the context, the focus, in these two settings? Yes!

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