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ZetaTalk: Answers
Note: written during the April 20, 2002 Live ZetaTalk IRC Session.

Thus, when seeking certainty, the anxious hammer at Nancy, as the only source listening and responding. Can she provide more certainty than she is doing today? No, as the factors in place from the beginning of ZetaTalk are still there today.

  1. We, as the source of this information, can only respond to questions considered to be The Call, and cannot for instance give warnings of coming storms or quakes, though we can address in general the likely earth changes. To do otherwise, as we have explained, is to interfere with the free will of man, which the Rule of Non-Interference limits. The pole shift, and all change leading up to it, are considered a normal terrestrial occurrence not unlike tornadoes or cancer or droughts. You, as mankind, are to help each other, learn how to do so, during these tribulations.
  2. We, and Nancy, cannot force the governments of the world to issue forth information, or force those thinking just of themselves to suddenly become caring. If you don't like the current level of truthfulness from your governments or scientists, then address your frustration to them, not ourselves or Nancy.
  3. Nancy is working to the extent she can as an aging woman, of retirement age and with many health problems not even considered by her audience, without funds, without physical assistance, and simply cannot become mama to the anxious world! Few of those hammering on her for certainty, or to do more, would deal with her situation for an instant. Beyond the unreasonableness of their demands, there is the physical impossibility of her doing more.

Thus, the issue falls to the audience, what they must do for themselves. Anxious people do not carefully read what has been written, then are primed by the biological imperative that flight or fight is designed to meet to act. Thus, when faced by the actual possibility of a pole shift, tidal waves, crumbled cities, lack of food, and no help from the government, they panic. Given that ZetaTalk has proven to be the only source of solid and well considered information on what to do, and in this we are including the Troubled Times network of solution sets and the nonprofit which seeks to provide this information to mankind, their action drives like a spear against ZetaTalk and Troubled Times. Nancy finds she lately has been grateful for the foresight that developed Troubled Times and the hip-pocket booklet that the nonprofit has developed. The over 100 Troubled Times TOPICs and TEAMs that have developed allow the anxious to be pointed to reading material specific to their concerns. Thus, they have something they can do, and the adrenaline that flight or fight has dictated is dissipated into purposeful activity.

Will this trend diminish, or change, going into the shift? It will only increase, until e-mail queues sorting out the real questions from those seeking information readily available, if only one would take a web site click or two, may be necessary. In time, Internet service will become disrupted to the point where mail is not necessarily delivered and bounced only because of delays, and web sites are inaccessible to many due to satellite down time. Thus, an important support step for those wanting to help is to create mirror sites, of that information the ZetaTalk and Troubled Times sites offer. Many mirror sites already exist, in point of fact, for instance where translated material has been made available within countries speaking the language. But it is a bit late, when the satellites start malfunctioning, to seek to set this up! In that acting as a traffic cop, directing the anxious to this or that information, could be done by many individuals, we also recommend that this be structured before the flood.

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