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ZetaTalk: Anxiety
Note: written during the April 20, 2002 Live ZetaTalk IRC Session.

In the early days of ZetaTalk, it was a curiosity to most, and for those with personal visions similar to what was being reported, a touchstone. Contactees, who had learned through their visits of the coming cataclysms, were gripped by the correlations. Others, serious thinkers and students of prior earth changes, found the net of logic encompassing the holes in human theories. Those who knew that ZetaTalk had a factual basis, those with MJ12 connections, were horrified that a message they understood was to be completely suppressed and debunked was getting out. Thus, in the early days, ZetaTalk had friends and enemies, both highly emotional, with the majority of the audience curious. Few were willing or thought it necessary to make major changes in their lives, given that the message had a clear end date of May 15, 2003 [Note: see 2003 Date explanation] or shortly thereafter, and had many predictions leading up to that date that either would or would not be validated. The questions flowing into the ZetaTalk Question Queue in the early days revolved around human nature, existing UFOlogy legends, with the minority revolving around the possibility of a pole shift and life afterwards. Nancy, today, still gets requests that encompassed the preponderance of the Question Queue in the early days of ZetaTalk, 1995 and on, but the weight of the requests for Zeta input now surround the pole shift and life afterwards issue.

Given that the final year could see changes that would require the audience to act, many are now looking for certainty. What types of issues are envisioned, that the Question Queue is now being hammered with requests for signs that would satisfy certainty?

  1. Earthquakes could devastate areas, beyond what the insurance companies could compensate for, requiring decisions on the spot as to relocation or life changes.
  2. Storms, clusters of tornadoes or mega-hurricanes would likewise wipe out more than a suburb or small town, but whole cities, creating a similar instant need for life change decisions.
  3. Rising seas, and erratic tides, could make the coastlines a risky place to live, to say nothing of wiping out commercial or residential establishments along the coasts, likewise requiring a decision on a life change.
  4. The deepening worldwide economic depression, called now only a recession, will increasingly cause families to find themselves without hope in their home area, with decision time once again on the table.
  5. Toward the end of 2002, as the inbound planet can no longer be denied by any but NASA and the major media, talked about by almost every other element spreading news, those aware of the coming shift, if only in theory, will feel anxious even if secure otherwise.
  6. The economic crash predicted to occur when the tenuous banking system and Stock Market, based on false values, crumbles, will create a need in the otherwise comfortable to made changes, and once again they will be faced with choices that include or not the pole shift possibility.
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