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ZetaTalk: Carlos Castaneda
Note: written on Jul 15, 1997

A widely misunderstood means of connecting to the reality known to the incarnated spirit involves forcing the human body to take a back seat so that the mind can communicate more fully with the spirit, the incarnating entity.

In American Indian cultures, this takes the form of exposure and fatigue to the point of exhaustion, so the body has ceased to demand center stage and has in effect given up. Isolation from the normal social interaction demanded when others in the group are about is another technique used, a technique most humans intuitively understand. Another means of forcing the body to take a lesser role involves various hallucinogens, naturally occurring so that they are at hand to native peoples throughout the world. This is not a necessary step, and in fact clutters the communication, but has caught the fancy of many in drug cultures who look for any and every excuse to support a habit they have come to rely upon as an escape.

To speak to the incarnating spirit most effectively, removing oneself from the social demands of others is imperative. A walk in the woods, or in the meadow or along the beach, where the artificial and often unnatural demands of human society are removed. Eliminating imperatives such as extreme hunger or the press of urgent sexual demands assist in communication with the spirit, as does arranging for the isolation to be in a setting where distractions such as weather extremes or physical dangers do not occur. In cultures where distractions cannot be eliminated due either to ever-present hunger or sexually repressive rules or the ever-present proximity of others, the individual seeking to commune with their spirit may meditate under the stars at night, when others are sleeping, or alter their diet to in essence put their body to sleep. The starving body shuts down.

Drugs or natural hallucinogens are not needed, and in fact create confusion when hallucinations induced by the humans psyche are taken as a reality outside of the human psyche. The human mind is fractured into separate brains, the result of numerous genetic engineering maneuvers that superimposed a conscious intelligence on top of an underlying subconscious. These two brains communicate during dreams, and the hallucinogenic state is akin to the dream state. It can be utterly nonsensical, having meaning only in the past experiences recorded in the subconscious of the human, as interpreted by the highly selective conscious! Thus, hallucinations are not removing the human body from the conversation between the mind and the soul, they are imposing the selectivity of the conscious as a director.

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