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ZetaTalk: Walking Erect
Note: written on Feb 15, 1996

The human animal is painfully aware that it used to walk on all fours, and that the transition to walking erect is anything but complete. Back pain, ruptured disks, worn out hip and knee joints, and bulging bellies are but a few of the constant reminders. The spine, in particular, reflects the distress the body deals with in walking erect, and thus the popularity of specialists who can manipulate the spine when it skews sideways due to pressure and compression it was not designed to take. Where manipulating the spine can seem to give instant relief, such crunching and shifting of the delicate tissue around bone and nerve are not good in the long term. Much better to acknowledge your origins and align your own spine, naturally. Get down on your hands and knees more often, with whatever excuse. Scrub the floor, sort papers, weed the garden in this position and you may be surprised at how well your spine aligns itself.

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