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ZetaTalk: Scientific Theories
Note: written on Feb 15, 1996

Humans like to believe that they do not give credence to any theory that cannot be verified in the labs or in some other manner. This is just not true. Children are taught that evolution developed man, but what is called the missing link has never been discovered. Astronomers work on the premise that a Big Bang started things going, but most certainly have never viewed this or reproduced this in their labs. The wonders of electricity are extensively utilized in human society, as are the wonders of magnetism, radio waves, and light, but the theories guiding these wonders are plastic and forever under adjustment by humans. Humans in fact use their theories as guidelines, during their search for a more perfect explanation. A pleasant pastime, both in publications and when meeting each other socially or at conventions, is to debate scientific theories.

Where do humans go wrong, in their search? Where are they on target and where off? How can they better direct their energies? A key fault in the debates that humans conduct is allowing the debate to address a limited scope. This is done many times to allow any discussion at all to progress, but when pertinent aspects of the subject under discussion are excluded, then the results will invariably be twisted in some manner. Human scientists are so used to limitation being the rule that they become furious when the scope is broadened. Since humans, intellectually, are not really capable of dealing with many factors at once, it is best to admit where human explanations falter. In this way, at least, one is not led astray or time spent arguing absurdities.

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