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ZetaTalk: Dangers
Note: written on Jan 15, 1996

The human body, like all life on Earth and elsewhere, is in a catch-22. Humans require food yet ingest poisons even while eating the most natural of foods. Sunlight breaks chromosomes yet lack of sunlight creates depression and soft bones. Crevices both natural and man-made, such as basements, offer protection from high winds and the elements, but collect pools of radon gas. Exercise is necessary for a healthy body, but puts one at risk of injury beyond what the couch potato is exposed to. Travel and outings broaden but lay one open to being mugged, raped, or kidnapped. The miracle of controlled electron flows creates a modern life surrounded by communication and entertainment and labor saving devices, but can slightly damage the human nervous system if exposure to an intense electrical field is prolonged. What to do?

The best course is to focus on goals, and bear in mind that one lifetime is but a chapter in a continuing saga. You will die, in any case, and a life well spent is better than one prolonged an instant longer by being put in a box.

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