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symbol ZetaTalk: Yin- Yang
Note: written by Jul 15, 1995

The Chinese put much faith in the influence that Yin and Yang have upon their existence. This concept is an offshoot of the Buddhist philosophy that balance is everything. Problems are looked at as an imbalance, and the solution returning to balance somehow. Thus, Yin and Yang are superimposed on all of life, on social interactions in particular, and even on the seasons and weather. If a group of school children are boisterous and aggressive, their Yin is tempered with more studies in art, inserting Yang. If a wife is sullen and brooding, her Yang is tempered with more outings into the vibrant city, more Yin. If the spring came early and the fields are unprepared for planting, this Yin is handled by the farmers Yang, by meditation in the fields. Does all this help? It can't hurt, and in the main tends to focus humans on the spiritual aspects of life.

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