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ZetaTalk: Psychics
Note: written by Jul 15, 1995

Humans in the main do not have a great deal of psychic ability, which is simply a combination of telepathy and common sense. A small percentage, perhaps less than 10%, have some psychic abilities, and a very few are significantly psychic. Most humans are personally acquainted with a situation that had overtones of psychic interplay, or have a close friend or relative who relays such a story. Someone knew that revenge was being plotted and the means being planned. Someone knew that a package was in the mail and what it contained. Someone sensed that an airplane was in danger and warned a potential passenger to change their plans. Psychic ability runs in families, and for a simple reason. Telepathic ability as well as common sense are based on the structure of the brain, and this is for the most part genetic.

What's going on here, within the psychic, to allow them to be aware of existing situations and seemingly to foretell the future? For those situations where the psychic simply had to be aware of an existing situation, one known to other humans, the answer lies in telepathy. Any fact known to another human can be sensed by a telepath. Psychics are most sensitive to those they know, or those who may be thinking about situations they care about, or those who may be thinking about the psychic themselves. This accounts for the majority of psychic situations, where a personal connection of some kind is present.

Where psychics seem to be foretelling the future, common sense has entered in. Here the psychic senses facts known to a number of humans, and puts them together in logical probabilities. The pending airplane crash is in fact known to several humans - the airplane mechanics who are ordered to overlook maintenance because the financial condition of the airline is dire; the pilot who notices, however subconsciously, that his instruments are not lining up as they normally do; the scheduling clerks, who regret assigning aging airplanes to busy flights, knowing the risks involved. These humans send forth their thoughts for psychics to capture and ponder. For every situation where there is a successful foretelling of the future, there are literally thousands of situations where the psychic was wrong. The successful occurrences are so dramatic that the story gets widely told. Failures rarely get a mention.

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