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ZetaTalk: Meditation
Note: written by Jul 15, 1995

The Hindus are a very mystical people, in touch with their spiritual side, and trying all the time to move more in that direction. They study and practice methods to improved communications with the spirit world. Concentration, diet that will improve the ability of the body to concentrate and not be distracted, positions of the body that are helpful, and the right mental attitudes. All this effort brings them little, however, as the ability to communicate with spirits is strictly related to the desire to do so. A human following all the recommended practices religiously may be nowhere, another doing everything wrong, according to the recommended practices, is speaking regularly to the dead or spirits in higher dimensions. However, as would be the case with any group of people, some Hindus who follow the recommendations also have desire, and so connect. There is then a great flurry of enthusiasm for the practices, which had nothing to do with the success.

The Hindu speak of a state, the goal of living, called Nirvana. They attempt to reach this via meditation, and correct living, during many incarnations. They attempt to reach high levels of communication with others, as an adjunct to this state. What they are seeking is termed living in light form, or the spirit only, not requiring incarnations. Incarnations are a learning experience, but spirits grow beyond the need for this, in both the Service-to-Others and Service-to-Self orientations. Incarnations are then used as a learning experience, or a tool, for these spirits.

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